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FDA Issues Safety Alert on Duragesic/Fentanyl Patches

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    Originally posted by sanctuary View Post
    I hit the link and got a page
    'Not found"..then I searched the FDA site..The manufacturer said to me this AM that.." The FDA was going to do an investigation"..and 'Until it was over they wouldn't be available at any dosage"...I couldn't find a link But she..."Didn't say they started the investigation yet" ( just that they were going to) but I can't find it and my Pharmacist didn't know..All he was told was 'None were available and they didn't know when they would be..She agreed ( Janssen) but added about the crystals found in the patches..Where is this link>?All I found was older recalls of the 25's? Please resend that link. Thanks
    I came across this thread while searching for answers to this problem. I have known about this problem since early Feb and I was lucky enough to arrange for my NEW pharmacist to order a couple of months worth of the brand patches. It's my understanding that the patches were not recalled, but manufacturing of any further patches, all doses, would be halted until the FDA finishes their investigation of weather or not these "crystals" cause a problem with absorption of the fentanyl. This has already been going on for 6 weeks according to the person I spoke with. She said the FDA will not give them any projected dates as to when this will be done. There is still a supply of the brand patches available but it depends on who your pharmacy uses as a distributor. After my large retail pharmacy told me that there was no way I could get my patches, my doctors office called a small independent pharmacy and they were able to order my brand patches and had them available for me to pick up the very next morning. You may have a better chance of getting your patches from a smaller pharmacy, or a hospital pharmacy because they tend to keep more in stock.
    Keep in mind when you consider using a generic, you will not be able to choose the Sandoz brand because it is manufactured by the same exact company as the brand so production of that generic patch has halted also. That leaves watson, which still has the gel patch, and Mylan is still available. If anyone finds any additional info on this issue I would appreciate knowing about it. I can't understand why the FDA doesn't have some kind of information available. If they do, I can't find it.

    Hope this helps a little.


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      I realize this is an old topic but see every so often someone posts to it.

      I have been lucky and never have had a problem. I use the Mylan generic brand, as they are very small with no jel, they look like a clear bandaid without the pad in the middle.

      For those who have had allergy problems from the name brand and Watson, the Mylan patches have a different adhesive. I found out when Walgreens switched from Mylan to Watson. I couldn't beleive how large they were and within a day, my skin under the patch broke out and started to itch. Walgreens here, will order the Mylan if you ask, most of their customers hate the Watson brand.
      Ca-ching..that is my 2 cents worth. <G>
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      Symptoms since '86 starting with frequency(told I had a small bladder)
      Diagnosed with medium IC in 2004 when pain started

      For IC Elavil 50 mg - Atarax 50 mg - Fentanyl 25 Patch replaced every 72 hrs

      For HBP Norvasc 5mg -Diovan 320 mg

      For Depression Wellbutrin XL 300mg

      Sinus Problems Flonase 2x daily-Alegera D when needed

      And Now Fibromyalgia

      Have Tried Elmiron (made me sick and hair loss)
      DMSO and Heparin instills no help
      All and every urgency pill
      Trileptal, Neurontin, Tramdol did nothing
      Cymbalta which made me dizzy and flushed
      Lyrica gave me night terrors each night a different family member died very vivid now I know how they got the name night terrors


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        Duragesic/Fentynal patches

        I have been on the patches for about 3 months now. I started out at 25mcg then went to 50mcg. but when I got to the 50mcg I started having severe joint pain, loss of balance, symptoms of MS. So they tested me for MS because they did not know it was the patch causing the problems. My cousin kept telling me that it did not happen until they upped the dose and maybe that is what was causing all the issues. So one day I forgot to replace the patch and went all day. Needless to say by the end of the day my pain was so severe I could not stand it so I put on a new 50mcg patch and about 2-3 hrs later every joint in my body hurt so bad I could not lay still. So i took it off and waited about 1 1/2 maybe 2 and the pain (joint only) stopped. So I put back on the 25mcg and did not seem to have that problem that I did will the higher dose. So now i am back on the 25mcg and using Morphine 30mgs for break through pain when it gets so bad I cant see straight. But sadly this is not helping all the time. So I am at a complete loss right now and dont know what else to do.

        With all the pain in the world comes love and hope.. For someday they will find the cures for all the pain we suffer and just take it all away and we can again be pain free and enjoy life.. and remember those who suffer the same pains and sorrows are usually the ones with the most understanding hearts
        Hugs and Loves

        Multiple health issues.. IC , Type 2 diabetic, Knee problems (7 surgeries), Fibromyalgia, Cystoscope with botox injections done on 11/17/11, Hystorectomy in 2005, Asthma, Migraines, High BP, High colestoral, pseudotumor cerebri and Depression..


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          Hello, In 1999 I had tried all kinds or oral med's, so they sent me to pain therapy, where they tried other mead's. So the doctor decided to put me on a trial for the pain pump, it worked pretty good, so they implanted it in my left hand side of my stomach. In 2007 something went wrong I was sick like the flu and hurt all over I kept yawning, my eyes watered, but I could not sleep. They ran test and seen that the catheter was blocked by a celestial )like a bubble at the end of the catheter) and so they put a new pump in. Fast forwarding a little that seems to be working odd, but I am on oral mead's, Fentanyl patches (25mg) and Oxycodonee 0.5mg, like two as needed for break thru pain. I am not pain free, nor will I ever be, they are just trying to make me that I can do my things around the house and get out a little. My pump was turned up the last time I was at pain clinic, but I could not tell any difference. Which makes them scratch their heads, they want to keep me at 4 pain pills a day, but that is hard to do and still function. I cannot tell a difference when they turn the pump up. Some days I can do more than others and some days I stay in bed most of the day.I may do laundry and put things in the dryer so it makes it easier for me. I would like to only do the oral mead's when I think I need them and not be limited to 4 a day. I have some days where things are better than others like everyone does at times. Don't mind the spelling I had this all ready to send and I hit something on the key board and could not find it, so I had to do it again.Take care. Keep praying for cure.Sue041