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Anyone Take Urised/Usept? (green/blue pee)

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    Hi Jodi,
    As far as taking the urised with something acidic, that is not necessary, and probably not helpful if you have IC. For most people with IC, I think it is helpful to avoid acidic foods. If you look up the IC diet suggestions here on the site, you can find a list of foods that are safe, and which foods to avoid, if you haven't done so already. A lot of people find that acidic foods make their symptoms worse.

    For me, I still have pain even with the Urised, but the pain is less - and I'm thankful for any kind of help I can get! So if you can tell that the Urised is helping you, it may be worth continuing to take it, especially if other treatments aren't working for you.

    Take care,


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      I have taken urised for 3 years. I have never had a problem with it. I have never taken more then 3 a day. I wouldn't take 8 if it was making your heart rate jump up. I would think that you were taking to much if your having problems. I hope you get this all straightened out and you feel better soon.
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        For me, I had a constant low level pain that was kind of sharp like my bladder was being stretched too far. When I went off the Urised, this eased up. But I'm also able to take pyridium and my pain is fairly manageable. I only take Py when it's needed, not daily.
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          Thanks for all the input back! I am glad that I am not the only one experiencing the side effects! I have noticed that this drug does work better if it is taken with something acidic... And I dont take 8 a day all the time, I take 1-2 pills 1-4x a day as needed for pain. That is the perscription. I have an appt with my uro on the 18th and these replys have given me a whole lot of questions to ask him!
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