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Does Advil make it worse?

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  • Does Advil make it worse?

    Just a quick question, my urologist told me to take Advil for the pain when I have flare ups, I tried one and I felt like the Advil was burning, it seemed to make it so much worse. So I was wondering if anyone else has had this reaction?

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    Advial (ibuprophen) is well-known for it's acidic properties, and most ICers cannot take it for this reason.
    Your URO should know better if they know anything about IC.

    Try asking for a prescription of Tramadol for pain relief- it's non-narcotic, often effective, and also has some anti-inflammatory properties; a nice side-effect.



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      Thank you so much, I hate my urologist. He is no help at all. I am going to ask my family doctor for tramadol.

      Thanks again:-)


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        Ibuprofen doesn't bother my bladder, but it causes me severe gastric pain after about two doses so I just don't take it.

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          I can't take ibuprofen either -- Tylenol, yes, but not ibuprofen. I tried way back in the beginning to relieve pain with Advil and ended up in worse pain than before I took it! You're not alone on that one.

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            I can't take ibuprofen at all it makes my bladder burn really bad and upsets my tummy also.


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              It makes me mad how these uros conveniently forget that all medicines eventually find their way to the bladder.

              Ever since I came down with IC I have lost a lot of respect for doctors.



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                That is so true - I lost respect in doctors too from this whole experience. I used to think that they knew everything. And now I have realized that I have to seriously consider everything they say because I can't trust them. I am sure some people have great doctors but I personally have not found one yet. My family doctor is nice but he does not know much about IC - atleast he admits it.

                It is nice to know that others have had that affect from advil- because I was wondering if I was crazy :-) I was just diagnosed with IC and I am finding it hard to determine what worsens the flares- now I know - No more advil/ibuphrophen

                Thanks guys!


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                  I was just logging on to look up this very thing. My bladder issues are mostly under control due to Physical Therapy for PFD but I still have various dietary sensitivities. Advil seems to be one of them. I'm having bad tooth pain from a wisdom tooth that's trying to come in the wrong way and I've been taking Advil several times a day to help it. It really does help the tooth pain but I've also been flaring ever since I started taking it.

                  So yes, I'd say it does make it worse and I'm going to try something else tomorrow (Tylenol or Aleve).
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                    Ibprofen Works for me

                    Hi everyone,
                    I'm really suprised you guys have had bad experiences with ibprofen. It's the only thing that really helps me in a bad flare. It gets rid of the awful urtheral burning and feeling like i have to pee every minute sensations. I wonder if you are all just taking the wrong brand. Advil has quite a few additives, maybe it is the inert ingredients you are reacting to. I take the store brand (cvs) it seems to have less ingredients in it. Just a suggestion. But as we know...we are different!