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How many have their pain managed by their urologist?

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  • How many have their pain managed by their urologist?

    I am waiting for an appt for a consult with a new urologist.Actually she is a urogyn that specializes in IC. When I finally get to meet this Dr I will ask if she can manage my pain. I like my pain Dr but I do not like the idea of seeing different Drs and it would be easier to pay one co-payment a month instead of two. Also I never liked the feeling I get when I am sitting in the waiting room waiting to be seen at the pain management clinic. I guess it is the stigma associated with being on painkillers. I feel like I am always explaining my condition to everyone and I hate it! Why are we made to feel like a drug addict because we are in pain? Does anyone have their pain managed by their urologist?

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    My Uro does all my meds including the pain meds. The only one he said he couldn't do was the bc.


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      Most uros won't rx pain meds because they don't understand them and lots of them don't believe in them. If you've got a good pain mgmt doctor that listens to you and controls your pain youre better off staying where you are rather than taking the chance of messing up a good thing by switching doctors. It's really hard to get a pain doctor to understand why our bladders hurt us so badly. If I were you I'd stay where you are. I understand about the 2 copays, but it's better than trying to convince someone all over again that you need pain meds.
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        Mine does..Knock on wood, I'm waiting for some to be approved! I dont need the marcotics very often, once every 6 months or so. So he is usually ok about refilling for me.

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          My uro is the one that gives me my Tramadol. He refuses to give me anything stronger. His justification is he doesn't want me adicted to anything. I can sort of understand that.

          My first uro I saw would give me Rx after Rx for narcotics and thought the pain was all in my head (even after HE diagnosed me)...that was confusing and why I switched.

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            My uro manages my pain as well. I haven't had any problems getting the meds I need most of the time. I am just not used to having to go every month. My prior uro used to give me enough for 3 months and I only had to see her if I needed an implant adjustment or had other problems. She has moved to the other end of my state now, but she recommended this new doctor instead of the one that took her place. I saw her a couple of times and couldn't stand her and I don't think she knew that much about IC either!


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              I love you puggy

              my doc will treat my pain, but seeing I have pther issues that require pain meds, I don't bother asking him, I let my reg doc handle that department.
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                My uro manages my pain. I don't need high-powered full time medications, however.

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                  My Urogyn is currently prescribing me tramadol (Ultram) to the tune of 30 a month. He didn't really want to, but I insisted (big drama.) Don't know how long he will continue to help me out. We will see. I mostly only need the meds during/before/after my period, but on those days, I need more than one Ultram, so I end up using close to all the 30 a month when all is said and done.



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                    I see a pain management doc and have been stable on the same meds for 7 months. Most of the uros I have seen will not do long term pain management.

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                      My primary doctor gives me pain pills for other health reasons and it helps my bladder also, so there is no need to ask for pain pills with my uro.



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                        I also see a urogyn. They specialzie in IC and PFD. They will prescribe pain meds but I don't need anything really strong.
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                          I used to have my urologist manage my pain when I was living in TN; when I moved to NC, my urologist offered to manage it but we decided it would be too much of a pain to drive 45 minutes to an hour every month to get a new prescription. So, we found a pain clinic closer to my home that would manage me.

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                          **I am not a medical authority nor do I offer definitive medical advice. I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.


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                            I have a pain management doc who handles my pain. The only thing that my Uro gives me is the Elmiron. When I was there last month, he suggested that when I see my family doctor next time that I get a muscle relaxer -- why he wouldn't prescribe it I don't know. (fortuntely, I didn't have to wait that long, as my pain management doc prescribe Zanaflex for me, its not helping and she told me when I see my family doctor next week to ask him for something else.)


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                              I have been to 3 different Uros since my IC was diagnosed several years ago. They have always handled my pain meds. I have tried the longer acting pain meds, but Lortab seems to work the best for me. We are just trying to find something that will work through the night since my pain really flares during the night. Right now I am on Lyrica, Valium, Amitriptiline and Lortab, plus my sleep med.