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How many have their pain managed by their urologist?

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    My Gyn treats my IC. He d/xed me with the Potassium Sensitivity Test, and did laproscopic surgery to remove the endo. He had a URo join him in the OR to do a cysto/hydro at the same time. But, since my IC is from nerve damage resulting from where the endo had grown thru the lining of my bladder, my Gyn treats my IC.

    He prescribed the pain meds for me for a few years, but it was not enough (at the time, it was 1 Lortab 7.5 a day.) Then, I pressed him at how it was grossly inadequate for the pain, so he and I decided that it would be best to see a pan mgmt Dr. b/c my Dr. didnt feel comfortable prescribing anything besides a breakthru med. He did say if something happened and that Dr. didnt prescribe meds or something, then he would feel comfortable prescribing 4 Lortabs a day, but didnt feel knowledgable enough about 24 hr extended release meds to put me on those, and felt that my pain would be treated best with those.

    So, I see a Pain Dr. now at a Pain mgmt clinic. Unfortuately, the drive is a haul...5 hours round-trip. But, at least I know I will get the meds without begging or having to go thru my whole case, month after month.

    I hope you find someone that will treat your pain and get it under control soon.



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      My uro manages my pain. And the nice thing is, I don't have to see him each month to get my scripts, I just have to call in and go grab it from their office (it's MS Contin, so they can't call it in or issue refills). Maybe you should hang on to your pain doc until after your visit with your new uro to see if she is willing to handle your pain meds.


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