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Fioricet & Norco?

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  • hawkbabe
    I take Fironal with Codeine for my migraines. Fiorcet is a barbituate so you definelty might want to check with your MD because it could possibley make you really drowsy or have a bad interaction!
    Hope this helps!

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  • Jessica12974
    started a topic Fioricet & Norco?

    Fioricet & Norco?

    Hi! My reg MD gave me a prescription for Fioricet for my terrible migraines that I have been having lately. This is not a narcotic but I wonder if it interacts with Norco(hydrocodone). I wanted to ask my Dr but he kind of rushed out of the room. I hate that it is always so hard to get a word in alot of times. I can never say everything I want to say in one visit. Anyway, if anyone takes Fioricet or knows if I can take this with my pain medicine? Thanks so much!