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tramadol..bad for me

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  • tramadol..bad for me

    I went to the doctor about a month or two ago to get something for my pain while Im at work. Tylenol usually works for me, but its not fast enough. When Im at work I dont have an hour to wait for the Tylenol to kick in.

    So my doctor recommended tramadol. The first time I took it at work as prescribed with a little bit of food. Within a half hour I was slurring my words and bumping into things and my head felt funny. I felt drunk! My co worker told me to go home. I told her I didnt feel safe driving! I ate a piece of her pizza and started to feel normal again after a while. At least the pain was gone

    So Friday morning, I get home from work. I thought I would try this tramadol again. Figured going to be drunk wouldnt be a big deal. Id be asleep and wouldnt know about it. Guess I was really tired when I got home, cause I forget to eat with it. BIG mistake! I woke up two hours later and started puking. I didnt stop till late afternoon. At one point, I called my doctor cause my puke was a yellow color. I thought it might be bile, and the nurse said it probably was that. She told me to eat anything I thought I could keep down..milk, crackers, etc. It took about 2 hours, but it finally stopped.

    I have figured out that I probably have to stuff myself at a buffet in order to take tramadol. I flushed it down the toilet today. Figured that was where it would end up anyway if I took it again.

    Back to the drawing board to find a stronger pain med that I can take at work.
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    Sorry you had such a bad reaction to the tramadol!! My mom gets that really "drunk" feeling on it, too.
    Hopefully you can get with your doc this week to try out something else that will keep you coherent and not kneeling in front of the toilet while you're at work.


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      I use the Tramadol with no effect's that you have had, Mabey the Doc gave you to large dose ?Hope you feel better soon.Hugs Sandra
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        I tried it one night and it didn't do much for the pain, but I couldn't sleep (my mind was racing and I was kind of hallucinating) and I ended up with urinary retention -- I was miserable! Much worse with the Tramadol than with nothing at all, unfortunately. It works great for some people, though, so it was worth a try!


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          My Doc. won`t give Me anything for pain but tramadol, It does nothing for my pain. But i sure got addicted to it. I'm finally off it. I had some Lortabs from another Doc. so I am back on them. When I run out I don't know what I will do. So be careful on tramadol the are very addicting.