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Started Kadian..........Question?

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  • Started Kadian..........Question?

    I saw a pain management guy about a month ago and he told me that he thought I was a good candidate for Kadian, but he wouldn't help me because i would have to travel 2 hours one way to see him every 28 days. So he suggested that I see my PCP and that he would give him the recommendations. So he did and I saw him on Wendnesday and he prescibed 20 mgs and told me to tale it once a day for pain. He said if it don't work in two days to call him I had a terrible night wednesday and Thursday then Friday I called an dthey upped it to 30 mgs but that doesn't seem to work well either. So I am taking that with Vicoden for the pain. I am just tired of being in pain and he is increasing it 10 mg at a time and it costs me $30 every time he increases 10 and I am broke until the 15th and don't have enough of either med to make it through. Does anyone else take Kadian and if so how does it work and how much are you taking?
    Thanks for the info
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      Kadian is extended release morphine correct? It's supposed to last 24hours?
      I have never had my MS Contin last the entire 12 hours even that it is supposed to, so it's possible you are having it run out ahead of time. I would talk to him and have him write one prescription and then ask if you can increase the dosage out of that without having to get a new script each time.

      Good luck and take care!


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        One thing I learned in the beginning with the pills is only fill part of the perscription. Just ask the pharmacy to do only half and they will. That way if I couldn't take it or it didn't help right away like it should I didn't have to pay for unwanted pills. Helped a little bit with saving money.


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          I was on Kadian, but took it 2x a day from the start. I think I was on 40mg twice a day. I just remember that it didn't do a thing for me, except cause a great deal of dizziness. I'm on MS Contin 3x a day along with Ultram 3x a day and it seems to work really well. I know both MS Contin and Kadian are extended release Morphine, so it makes no sense why one would work and one wouldn't. I'm guessing it's the delivery system of each that makes the differance. I hope you find relief.
          **About the cost of medicine*** Did you know that CVS charges a minimum of $9.99 per rx, regardless of the cost? I found this out a couple of years ago when I had 1 generic atavin filled before a procedure. They're still doing it (at least in my state). I personnally think this is wrong...obviously not illegal, but wrong!


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            Sorry to disagree but I really dont think the pharmacy will fill half of the script and give the other half later, especially with a CII med like Kadian. In fact, I know they cant do this because it is against the law. I would speak to your doctor about the cost and how bad your pain is and see if he can write a bigger script for you and if you dont need it, then it will last a little longer.
            IS there anyone you can borrow the money from to get by until the 15th? I hate for you to have to go without your meds until then. Hey, at least he DID give you something! I am happy to hear that.
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              I did try Kadian for awhile, but switched to MScontin, which I think works better and the added benefit is that its cheaper. Maybe you could ask your doctor about MsContin? I hope you find relief soon.
              Hugs and Wishes for Pain FREE days!!,

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                I know the chain pharmacies won't split scripts, but there is a mom& pop-type pharmacy in my neighborhood that will. They have even made exceptions to controlled substances (hydrocodone) being called in and having refills on the original script. As long as you're one of his regular customers with a local Dr, he'll do this. Sometimes I wonder how much of this is actual "Law" as opposed to a chain store's policy, because I couldn't imagine my pharmacist jepordazing his business for doing this.


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                  Well with hydrocodone they can do that, but I dont think they can with Kadian because it is a CII and vicodin is CIII. They would get in to a lot of trouble over that because the CII's are SO tightly controlled. That is why there has to be a triplicate script written, as opposed to just called in like with the vicodin. It sucks but I guess they have to cause of all the abuse of the meds. From what my pharmacist has told me, they have to send an inventory report every single day for meds like Oxycontin, Morphine, fentanyl, etc. to the federal drug enforcement agency. That seems excessive but whatever.
                  Are you hanging in there Kara? Maybe you could take a valium just to try and calm you down. I know when I get really upset, my pain gets worse.
                  Love Sarah
                  Current meds; , effexor 37.5 mg 2 times a day, and lyrica 100 mg 3 times a day, lots of reading and snuggling with the pets!


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                    Are you talaking about the Dr writing triplicate scripts? I'm not trying to disagree, but only wanting to find out why things are handled differently from one pharmacy/dotor to another. My pm Dr has never written triplicate scripts for Duragesic, MS Contin, etc. And, my pharmacist has filled half scripts for me before on Duragesic and Kadian. I understand that they are very tightly controlled, as they should be. But, I really don't see what the big deal would be as long as you're given less of the meds and not more. I wonder how some can get away with not doing as much...unless maybe some Drs/pharms do more than is required just to cover their butts??


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                      If the script is a blue script then yes, it is a triplicate script. Your pharmacy really shouldnt do that, they would get in to major trouble if they were ever audited and the DEA found out they did that. The triplicate scripts I get our on this light blue watermarked paper and a copy goes electronically to the feds when it is filled. It isnt supposed to be handled differently from one doctor to another, you are just lucky because you go to a small pharmacy and they obviously will do things that most other pharmacies wouldnt do.
                      I agree that if you are getting less of the med it shouldnt be a big deal and I can do that at my pharmacy. I just cant get the other half of it if I only get half.
                      Current meds; , effexor 37.5 mg 2 times a day, and lyrica 100 mg 3 times a day, lots of reading and snuggling with the pets!


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                        It's not a blue script pad. It's a plain white pad that he writes the script on while I'm sitting there, tears it off & hands it to me. There aren't any duplicates or copies - just a plain white, regular script pad without watermarks or anything of the sort. The PM clinic I go to is affiliated with a major hospital, that's why I really don't think they would do anything illegal. I'm not doubting what you say at all. I'm just really courious as to why one Dr says they're required to do it, but another doesn't do it at all. BTW - My PCP writes every script on the blue triplicate paper (even antibiotics), so I've definately seen it before. Just not at the Pain Clinic.


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                          I dont know about that, from every single source I have read and every single doctor I have ever talked to, that is illegal to do that. If you look it up on the internet then I am sure you will find it in a second, I just did. It is regulated by the DEA, so it isnt something that is state to state.
                          If your pain doc writes you scripts without a copy going to the DEA or anywhere else, then that is illegal and I am pretty sure that a copy goes somewhere, probably when you fill it. Mine is blue but it only has one copy and then the other copy goes electronically from the pharmacy to the DEA.
                          Can someone else chime in here, maybe Sandy? I know you would be familiar with this too.
                          Current meds; , effexor 37.5 mg 2 times a day, and lyrica 100 mg 3 times a day, lots of reading and snuggling with the pets!


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                            I'd like to hear from someone else also. I believe what you're saying, and it makes perfect sense. I just don't understand, if it is indeed the law, why my Dr isn't doing it this way. I really like him a lot and the last thing I want to do is for him to get shut down! It's so hard to find a good Doc!!

                            The pharmacy, on the other hand, I can see why they do what they do. It's a very old pharmacy and the owner is an older man who still sends paper claims to the insurance company. He's a great person, but obviously not very good with change.


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                              I would like someone else to chime in too cause that goes against everything my docs have told me and I want to know if they are lying to me! You know, just telling me that because they WANT to do it that way and want to shut me up,lol! I have heard on other support groups though that that was the rules but you never know. I did a search on it and it said that the doctors dont have to use the triplicate but a copy must be sent to the gov but how would that happen if we take the only copy with us? My doctor told me mine are sent through the pharmacy. Maybe these rules are specific to CA? I cant imagine a doc at a big pain clinic breaking the rules like that?
                              Hopefully Jen or Sandy will chime in, I know they take long term narcotics too.

                              Current meds; , effexor 37.5 mg 2 times a day, and lyrica 100 mg 3 times a day, lots of reading and snuggling with the pets!