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what is your favorite bladder pain pill?

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  • what is your favorite bladder pain pill?

    I seem to being getting irritated by pyridium. It makes my bladder ache and feel kind of tingly all over. What are you guys using? Thanks. Oh and I am still staring at an unopened bottle of cysta q - any thoughts on opening it!! Thanks

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    Klonopin. It really helps with my muscle spasms but can make you really sleepy and non functional during the day. You can try cutting your pills until you find a dose that will suit you if you work. However I have built up a tolerance and can take 1 mg 3 times per day now with no problems.

    The other "bladder" drugs haven't worked for me. Detrol LA is a good one, was great for my spasms but can cause you to not be able to void. However not everyone is affected by this side effect.
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      Antispasmodics, such as hyoscyamine, work well for me to stop the spasms.

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        I've tried hyoscyamine (great for my IBS--does nothing for my IC!!); right now I take Zanaflex 4mg doesn't help- puts me to sleep for about 2 hours then I'm up and down for the rest of the night. Going back to the doctors to see what else he can put me on. Any suggestions