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    Has anyone gone to a pain management clinic for IC and / or other ailments such as fibromyalgia?
    My internist has made me an appointment to go to one and I want to find out more about it before I go.
    Thank you for any help.
    Georgia L
    Faith is not believing God can; Faith is believing God will!

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    I have been in pain mgmt since August. The clinic i go to is like a doctors office and is very professional. You will have to fill out alot of paperwork the first time and take a drug test. But be VERY honest about how you feel. I don't know where I would be today w/o it. Pain mgmt has saved my life.
    IC symptoms began in 1975; diagnosed in March 2006.
    Other conditions: PFD, Migraine, VV, Total Abd Hysterectormy on 12/27,06 for Cervical Cancer, Fibromyalgia.
    Current Daily Meds: Roxicet, Methadone, Flexoril, Flomax
    I use Prayer, Yoga, Relaxation Breathing and TENS to help relieve stress, anxiety and pain- LOTS of make up to hide my true identity!



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      I've been in pain management for years now. It took a lot of bad doctors to find this one great one who listens to me and really does try to manage my pain. Initially I went to him because of fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome, but now it's gone on to IC and whatever other diseases I have. The first time I went he did a physical exam, bp, heart rate, respirations, etc. He probed around on my muscles feeling for the trigger points that signify fibro. We talked about medication options and he started me on a low dose of Oxycontin, and now I'm up to MSContin 60mg 3x a day. I'd go in there knowing a lot about the different pain meds, and muscle relaxers. Muscle relaxers are truly a Godsend to me because my muscles love to cramp up sending me into the fetal postion.

      Also, you may have your urine tested prior to him writing you an RX, just to be sure there aren't any illegal drugs in your system, pot, cocaine, etc. You will probably have to sign a pain contract if he gives you meds. This protects you and the doctor and assures you that you have a good doctor who is following the laws. That's really important.

      Now I see my doctor every 2 months if all is going ok, or there is no significant change in my pain. The list of my medications is in my signature...if you have any questions please let me know. I've lived with fibro for years and know how terrible it can be!

      Hugs, Sandy
      *IC-- Summer 2004; PFD--October 2005
      *Fibro--Fall 2000; CFS-- Fall 2000
      *MPS--Fall 2000; Crohn's disease-- 1997*IBS,GERD, *Migraines, hypothyroidism, GYN problems *Degenerative Disc Disease/scoliosis

      Total Abdominal Hysterectomy--adenomyosis--9\08

      04/17/09 Crohn's disease almost killed me with a combo of extreme constipation from pain medications. My bowel ruptured, I almost died from peritonitis and spent several days in the ICU then more in a private room on the floor. If you have any questions about severe constipation from pain meds please don't hesitate to send me a message.


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        I have been going to a pain clinic for quite a while now, and think it is a great thing... my pain would not be under control if I did not have this opportunity!

        Right before my first appointment with my pain clinic, they sent me a questionnaire in the mail (along with insurance forms to fill out). The questionnaire covered things like: what I'd been diagnosed with, how long I'd been having pain, where the pain was (in fact, I think there was even a diagram of a body that allowed me to shade in areas that hurt), what the pain was like (there was a list of words like "cramping", "burning", "shooting", "electric", "aching" and others, and I had to circle the ones that applied), medications I had tried for the pain, medications that WORKED, medications that DID NOT work, medications I'd had a bad reaction to, what I was taking/doing now... it was a pretty long questionnaire.

        I had to bring the completed questionnaire to the first appointment. At that appointment, the pain doctor and I discussed my answers to the questionnaire, and she asked even a few more questions. She had had only one or two IC patients, and wasn't an expert back then -- but she has done a LOT of research since then and is now pretty darn good.

        Anyway, based on what you talk about, you will work out a plan with the doctor. You should mention your worries about being "spaced out" during this part of the appointment.

        Since I was going to be taking narcotics, I had to sign an "opiate contract" -- this is a form stating that I will/will not do certain things (I will only get narcotics from the clinic -- unless it's an emergency room visit or pain meds in the recovery room after surgery, I will only fill scripts at one pharmacy, I will agree to take random drug tests if they deem necessary, I will bring all pills to each appointment so they can count them if they want, etc.)

        Then I was given prescriptions.

        Now, I go back once a month for maintenance and to get new prescriptions. At the monthly appointments the doc always asks how things are working out, and if it's not good we make changes as needed. I can also call and speak to them, but they are pretty lousy at calling me back...

        Other than that, they are great ...

        Remember, though, a good pain clinic should offer other services besides narcotics -- they should understand and be able to prescribe stuff like Neurontin and Lyrica for nerve pain, they should be able to perform nerve blocks of all types, they should be able to do injections for painful joints, and they should be able to refer you to a counselor that deals with people who have chronic pain if you like. They should also have contacts in the physical therapy world.

        *Diagnosed with severe IC in 2004
        *Also diagnosed with PFD, fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, IBS, migraines, allergies/asthma, dermatographism
        *Kept trying a million different treatments for all these things until I found what works, and I am doing okay these days with the help of a cocktail of medications and the InterStim, which was first placed in 2007. [I have had 2 revisions - one in 2010 when my battery died and had to be replaced, and one complete replacement (lead and generator) in 2012 after a fall on my stairs caused my lead to move.]
        *Current meds include Atarax (50mg at night), Lyrica (150mg twice a day), Xanax (0.5mg at night and as needed), Zanaflex (4mg at night), hydrocodone (10/325, every 6 hours as needed), Advair, Nasonex, Singulair (10mg at night), oral contraceptives, home instills containing Elmiron and Marcaine (as often as I need to do them).

        **I am not a medical authority nor do I offer definitive medical advice. I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.


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          I have been going to one for about 3 years - like the others have said, had to fill out a lot of paper work that they sent me before the first appointment.
          The first appt. consisted of a physical, went over medications - what worked and what didn't. What they can do for me. Since I'm a heart patient, they really can't do too much for me. Just pain medication to keep me comfortable.
          I had to sign a contract stating I'd go to the same pharmacy and wouldn't go to another doctor to get any othe pain meds. and every few visits I have to take a urine test.
          I don't see the doctor to much, usually see his NP. Really like her. Office is very professional.


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            Thank you for your help Wendi!
            Love the God brings you to it message how true!
            smiles, GL
            Faith is not believing God can; Faith is believing God will!


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              Thanks Sandy. I will try to do more homework.
              smiles GL
              Faith is not believing God can; Faith is believing God will!