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  • Ibuprofen

    Why is this bad for some IC bladders? Everything I read online says its a good source of pain relief and it helps with the inflammation of the bladder. Am I missing something?


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    Hey there, the trouble with ibuprofen is it's really acidic - even people with stomach/intestinal troubles like ulcers, colitis etc aren't supposed to take it as it's a big irritant! But, crazy enough for me - my bladder didn't mind it but my stomach/intestines hate it!! ugh....

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      I agree with Tracy it is the acid in it. For me it flares me up big time. And for my hubby who has stomache problems it really bothers him and he can be sick for days just from taking 1.
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        I never thought it bothered me, but I went into a nasty flare this week and I think it's from the ibuprofen I took (for my knee, not for my bladder!). I'm on Elavil and very rarely have pain any more. There are a few other possible culprits, but as I evaluate everything I tend to think it's the ibuprofen. Before the elavil I was symptomatic every day, so I wasn't in the best position to determine what flared me and what did not. I even took it with a couple of Prelief, but I still felt bad...


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          It didn't bother my bladder either but didn't help any. Was like taking M&M's for pain relief.


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            I have to take ibuprofen because tyneol does nothing for me. But I do have to limit myself with it because my bladder will go absolutely crazy.

            Hugs, Trishann


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              I have pain relief, but significan frequency. I do take it ocasionally when I am out of my mind with pain and the Vicadin is not enough. But I do have to face the fact that I will be peeing alot more the next day. So I only take it when the pain outweighs the frequency issues.
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                It tends to flare my bladder, especially when my bladder is in a flare already. If my bladder is doing okay, it doesn't seem to bother my bladder. It all just depends on how my bladder is doing that day.