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Long term use of pain meds? (really anxious)

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    I think we all deal with that in our day to day lives. I hate the fact that I have been on pain pills for the last 2 yrs. but it helps me function. I am able to work, which without my income, we wouldn't have a home. I am able to do things with my kids.I dealt with the pain for the 1st 3 years of this IC and it scares me too think I could be in that type of pain again and spend my at home time in bed. good luck!
    mom to 3 wonderful kids

    IC symptoms 7/03,
    hysterectomy 11/04,
    prolapse cervix 7/07
    diagnosed: IC 2007
    IBS 2008


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      I read tonight that IC can cause anger and other mood disturbances.

      I used to think I was bipolar also. Even convinced my doc to diagnose me that way. But now I am certain that I am not.

      Now that I have been officially diagnosed with IC and there is a "reason" for my pain, and validation, my "bipolar" symptoms have gradually gone away. I think the fear of not knowing why you are hurting so bad and your body is so out of control, is part of what makes us angry and so volatile.

      And please, don't be afraid to take your pain meds. I took so much Advil for years that I did real damage to my stomach and probably my kidneys as well. Being on MS Contin is far better for me and my pain is more under control as well.


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        I am sorry you are in so much pain. I would happy if my doc would even give me some pain meds, but she does not offer them even. Sometimes the pain is so bad for me that I cannot even function. I was suprised that so many of you are able to get these pain meds from your doctors. I was never offered anything like that other than lyrica or tylenol. I would like something for the pain, but I do have terrible stomach issues so I am not sure what all I would be able to even take. I cannot even take motrin.

        I dont think you should feel bad about taking meds to help with your pain. Like Donna said, if you were diabetic, you would not hesitate to take insulin. This is the same thing. I am a huge believer in " quality of life" , I mean without that, life is just not worth living. So if these meds help you have better quality, then dont think twice about taking them. I really do feel for you, this is just an awful disease. Big ))))gentle(((( hugs.


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          Pain makes you feel crazy. It makes you anxious and scared for the future. It makes you depressed. It can make you angry and impatient. Pain is torture. No one in pain can be expected to be calm, happy go lucky. When I am in pain I fluctuate between panic and sorrow. You are in pain and you need your meds. The pain will only get worse if you don't manage it.

          I had IC when I was in my twenties and also didn't want to "give up" on sex. You can find ways to make it less painful but sometimes your body needs a break and its okay to just snuggle! I used to use an ice pack after and that would really help. Now I am 42 and have been married for 15 years. With this current flare (after years and years of remission) my hubby just packed up and moved into one of the kid's rooms: he know better than to ask!!

          Try to relax and give yourself a break. Our bodies were made to heal!!


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            Need the article in the paper from Tenn.

            I sent in my 2 cents and Terry Quillen e-mailed me and said he needs my name and address in order to print what I told him. Did anyone else hear from the newspaper editor.
            Hope he don't sue me for slander or something.
            Who cares at this point in my life I feel real nasty.