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Local Paper Asking Are We Relying Too Much On Pain Meds??

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  • Local Paper Asking Are We Relying Too Much On Pain Meds??

    In todays, Tennessean, the Nashville paper, the editorial ask?"Are we relying too much on prescription pain medication? They are asking for responses to be published in the paper. I for one, am going to email them. The email address is [email protected]. Any other Tennessean's please email him, as our plight here has really been talked about and I fear doctors here are going to get even more reluctant to prescribe pain meds to chronic pain patients. Our sheriff here in Franklin got arrested for obtaining pain meds without a script and all **** has broken out saying people should not have these meds. He was abusing them and went into rehab, but what about the people who do not abuse and are made to feel like an addict, when without them, we are unable to have any type of normal life. Without mine, I would be in bed or on the couch and as a single mother that is not an option. I don't want to be on pain medication, I don't want to have IC, I want to be well. I have done all treatments, and they didn't work for me. I am so tired of telling my children I don't feel well enough to do that. So, taking 1/2 Lortab 3 times a day helps me get up, take my son to baseball practice, clean the house and do laundry, work part time. I WANT TO BE PAIN FREE, BUT IF THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN, THEN I NEED HELP. That is a hard thing to admit for me, I want to be independant.

    Sorry this is so long, but I get so tired of reading articles saying that paid meds are the evil. I bet not one of these writers have chronic pain that will stop them from having a normal life.

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    I would think that anyone could email them, not just those in your state.

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      Thanks Donna, good idea.


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        Don't worry -- I will email them. I used to live in TN anyway, but even if I hadn't lived there, I think I'd email them. As someone who needs some type of pain relief regularly, I find these kinds of articles one-sided and offensive. I'm not a junkie; I work full time as a productive research scientist, even with pain meds... in fact, it is the medication that allows me to do this!

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          I'll e-mail them too, Without my pain medication, I wouldn't be able to work full time either. This is just way one-sided.


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            I sent my email this a.m. I will let ya'll know if our response gets in the paper and if there is a link so you can read. The more the better, this is one way our voices can be heard.


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              Thank you for letting us know and sending the link. I will be emailing them too. (My pain clinic is in TN.) Articles like that infuriate me! We have a tough enough time without articles like that making it even harder for us. GRRRR!!!!!


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                Article will appear this Sunday

                Everyone who wants to write regarding "Are we relying on Pain Meds? need to do it soon, the article is to appear this Sunday. Thanks. Let our voices be heard.


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                  Just sent an email. Hope they are responsible and tell the truth about this issue.
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                    Well, I don't believe any of our emails made the paper. I didn't recoginize any names. But a pain doctor from Smyrna wrote a very good response. My uro does not know of a good pain dr. here in Nashville, so I emailed him with my story and I received an email back from him saying he is doing research and he will get back to me soon with either a referral or an appt. with him to discuss pain issues. My URO will prescribe some pain meds but with all the DEA issues and such would prefer me finding a pain dr. So anyway, I was glad at least that he was interested in my story. He is a board certified pain management physician (anesthesiologist). So we will see.


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                      Oh, that kind of thing is SO infuriating. We had a bit of discussion on the same subject a few years ago, but fortunately nothing came of it.

                      You know anyone writing such an article can never have been in any serious, long-term pain!
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