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Has anyone tried Vagasil or Zincofax?

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  • Has anyone tried Vagasil or Zincofax?

    Hi there this is my first post! I've had IC & Endometriosis for about 7 years now. I find the pain varies with my cycle, hormones perhaps? First the pain came this month and now burning... The pharmacist suggested trying Vagasil and Zincofax to protect help with the burning on the outer areas. Any feedback would be appreciated.My best to you all.

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    I don't know what it is that's causing such pain in the perineal area for me, but I use vagisil occasionally. I'm not sure it makes a huge difference for me. I usually use it before I go to sleep because it makes such a mess, but I say go for it if you're hurting. It can't do that much harm...
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