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  • ICNDonna
    Please get in touch with your doctor. It does sound like it could be severe spasms and there are several different antispasmodics available that might help.

    Sending warm well wishes,

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  • JanL
    started a topic ? Charley horse

    ? Charley horse

    Ok, I know this is probably a weird question, but have any of you ever had what felt like a charley horse in your pelvic floor??? I definitely have IC with pelvic floor dysfunction, but I woke up yesterday morning with an INTENSE charley horse in my pelvic floor. THis has happened to me aprox. 3 times before this. It was enough pain bladder to wake me up out of a sound sleep to the point of crying. There is nothing that I have found to make this ease up. It usually takes it about 5-10 minutes before it eases up a little on its own. Afterwards I am sore all day like it has been bruised. This is more intense than what I call spasms. If you have had these, what do you do to get them to release ?

    Thanks for the info,