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Question about xanax and IC

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  • Question about xanax and IC

    I've been in a significant flare going on 4 days. We (my hubby, daughters and I) ended up cancelling an outing to Gatlinburg because of it. That's so hard, ya know, to fend off all the negative feelings you have when life is put on hold b/c of YOUR pain. I couldn't ask for a more loving and compassionate husband, and my girls, while they are both little ones, do everything they can to make mommy feel better.

    I was in alot of pain yesterday, it felt like my bladder was rolling in constant spasm and sharp pains every 2 to 5 minutes. The urgency was insane, i just felt like i may as well stay on the toilet . I took a percocet and some prelief, got no noticeable relief. I drank at least a gallon of water all day, used my hot water bottle. i tried some deep breating and meditation techniques.....everything i know to do. By about 7 pm i was crying hysterically, just couldn't take it anymore. My husband suggested I take a xanax to get calmed down. After about 45 minutes my bladder seemed to simmer down, it didn't vanquish all the pain, but it sure made a difference.

    Does anyone use xanax or other bezodiazepenes as part of their IC treatment? It really surprised me how much it helped. Just like some input/feedback.



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    I take Valium at night for spasms. I have taken 1/2 of pill in daytime, when having a bad day, but I go to sleep, and as a single mom, that is almost impossible unless it is my day off and my 9 year old is out of the house, at his dad's or at school.


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      I actually take Xanax (for a neck problem) and Valium for PFD. The Valium settles my pelvic floor down a little during the day. People react so differently to meds. Neither makes me sleepy or anything else. I take 5 mgs. during the day and then a Soma at night. Things have been so spasmed, I've been taking two Somas a day. I'm glad the Xanax helped you, but typically it's prescribed for anxiety. It has a small muscle relaxant effect, but just on my neck.


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        Actually, it's one of the main meds that helps me. It relaxes my pelvic floor/bladder and reduces my flare related anxiety. I take a tiny dose... usually .25 (1/2 a tablet) when needed and it works. Lately, I've been taking a full tablet (.5, still a small dose) at night to help sleep and relax my pelvic muscles.