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  • Pain Specilist - what to expect

    After a horrible flair that sent me to the ER overnight I have asked my urologist to refer me to a pain management specilist within her hospital. What should I expect from this appointment? I do have severe IC (I'm having a second interstim put in later this month) and am not on pain medication on a regular basis. I take muscle relaxers, vitamins (IC Blend), nortriptaline to help me sleep and I end up in the hospital occasionally with pain that is more than I can handle. I want so badly to handle this well, and not abuse any pain medication. any advise would be great!

    " If I really cared as I thought I did, about the sorrows of the world, I should not have been so overwhelmed when my own sorrow came." ~ CS Lewis

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      I am a little confused about what you mean by I do not want to abuse pain medication? Have you abused pain meds in the past? I only ask because when medication is prescribed for chronic pain there is very little actual abuse--yes, you may become habituated (your body is used to it) but the stats which are somewhere on the boards, state there is very little actual addiction. Good Luck


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        Addictive Personalities

        I understand what you are saying, and I am definitely not an advocate for depriving yourself from using medicine for whatever needs you have. I can, however, speak for myself. I think I have an 'addictive personality' and lots of people out there do...(not necessarily for medication.) That said, I have had no drug problems, but can feel it might be a weakness for me. Regardless, pain meds don't do anything for me (developed a tolerance when I was a sick kiddo) and am looking into alternative pain managment myself.

        Good luck in whatever you decide to do. My advice, just evaluate your strengths and weaknesses...and you'll figure out what will work for you!

        God's Blessings,

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