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    I have been reading a lot of the posts lately concerning how we (chronic painers) can be treated so condescendingly, negatively, as if we are nothing more than drug seekers and always think of how lucky I am to have the greatest pain mgmt. doctor. Today I was sent to the ER by my doctor as I had the worst flank pain, I could not pee and the pain would come in waves that brought me to my knees. I was honest with the ER doc and the minute I told him I used Oxycontin for IC he treated me as if I was nothing more than a drug addled dope fiend! It has been many years since I have been treated like a drug seeker but boy that brought all the horrible memories right back! He would not listen to a word I said and he jabbed my kidney so hard (you know, does it hurt here!) I thought I would lose it! I don't burst into tears really very easily but I could not help it! Luckily, the nurse was so sympathtic and even told me he is a good doctor but they all hate him b/c he can be so mean! Meanwhile I have a kidney ifection and one kidney seems to be enlarged at the top which usually says stone--he thinks I could have passed it or it may be stuck there even though they don't see it. I have to go see a uro (also new,please let him be nice or at least smart!) on Monday which is when the urine cultures will be back. When I read the other posts I will be doubly thankful, thats for sure! Love, Malone

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    Oh, Malone, I'm sorry you were treated so badly in the ER! I know how it feels when you finally get all your treatment worked out, your pain is managed, and then someone insensitivley pegs you as a drug seeker. The last time that happened to me was with my GP, worried I would become addicted to Tylenol 3, of all things, that my gyn was rxing for my IC pain. I had a quick sharp talk with her right then and there about how long I had been in pain and how it affected my life before finally someone gave me something for it and told her that topic was not open for discussion, since she's not even the one who prescibes my pain meds, or any of my IC meds. I've never been to the ER for IC related pain, but I can imagine it's a roll of the dice, depending on which dr you get and how much they know about IC. Let's hope the new uro you see is more understanding and knowledgeable about what we deal with in terms of pain. Hope the appt goes well. Keep us posted!


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      Hi Malone.
      I am sorry you had to deal with that. It is to bad you could not have a family member with you. Boy if I had a doctor do that to me, I think my hubby would have gave that a**hole an earful. I am sorry you went through that.


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        Malone, I am so sorry this happened to you! I haven't had to go to the ER yet (knock on wood!) but have had a few nights I probably should have but was too scared. It is so awful having horrible pain and then being treated like an addict on top of it. I got so upset when my first Uro tried telling me pain killers should only be for people with toothaches, etc. I couldn't get him to realize that my pelvic pain was worse than any toothache I could ever imagine! If you are like me you probably take it very personally too. I am SO anti drug and substance abuse; I work with kids for heavens sake! It still gets to me anytime I hear of another person suffering from pain getting treated like a junkie....
        I hope you feel better soon and get some REAL help quickly!

        IC; PFD; possible Fibromyalgia; IBS;

        Symptoms: Frequency, Urgency, pelvic and bladder pain, bladder and pelvic spasms, difficulty starting urination, weak stream, incontinence, vaginal and urethral pain

        I've Tried:
        three Hydrodistentions, various Rescue Installments; 6 DSMO treatments; Pyridium Plus; Proced; Detrol (patch); Elavil; Uricet K; Elmiron; Nortiptyline; Ultram; Allegra; Ditropan; Ditropan ER; Vesicare; regular Lidocain; Neurontin; Lyrica; and few more I can't remember!
        Currently using:
        Valium; Vicadin; Proced DS; Claritin; Buffered Lidocain; Cymbalta; Baclofen; Prazosin @ night (also on Prednisone and Adderall for my joint pain and severe fatigue)
        Heating pads; frozen water bottles; A&D ointment; Poise pads; IC dieter since 8/06; yoga; imagery & relaxation CD, Mindfullness, self healing CD's; hot baths; seat cushion; prayer
        I am 28 yrs old, dx'ed in '06, still trying to get my health undercontrol!!


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          this is why i dont go to doctor's apts without my husband....b/c for some stupid reason the docs will listen to my husband more than they will me about my level of pain and how much it affects my life
          wife to Jeremy
          mom to Emma (3-8-05)
          and Natalie (7-23-07)

          Meds i'm currently taking:
          Lortab as needed for pain

          Meds that did not help:
          Detrol LA
          Lexapro (caused urgency)
          Amatryptaline 10mg once a day (helped IC but made me feel like CRAP)


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            Thanks you guys. I feel worse today although my back and flank pain is a little better I am now running a fever which also helps to make me feel worse. My husband was with me and when I got upset he just tried to calm me down b/c he had been up with me all night and knew the pain was intolerable and all he wanted was someone to help me. He felt like if he alienated this guy anymmore I would suffer more for it--he may have a point. (not sure!) My main nurse took her cue from the doctor and at every turn would say "now this is a non narcotic pain pill"--the more I think about it the mad/sadder I get! I think when I get over this I will right a letter with our patients bill of rights included or just punch him in the nose! Thanks for being there--Malone