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  • Update #2

    Hi- Well I went to the new uro today and miracle of miracles he turned out to be a really nice, caring knowledgable urologist! Those are words you don't often find together when speaking of Uros! Sorry, anyway he thinks I have a pretty severe kidney infection. He wants to do another cat scan this one with contrast tomorrow. I had know idea how painful a kidney infection could be! When he pounded on my right side I literally almost fell off the table. I am still running a low grade fever so all in all I am one unhappy camper. The good thing is that someone actually committed to what they thought was wrong. Thanks for thehelp especially when I was so scared. Hugs-Malone

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    I'm so glad that he's figured out what is wrong. I hope youre on the way to recovery. Hope you feel better soon!!


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      appreciate it

      Insea- Thank you for your kind words. I really need them right now. I felt better today and then went for a cat scan with dye and An IVP Xray and am now curled up in a ball with pain. I still have a low grade fever. My uro said he would read it stat so I am hoping he will call today still. Iam so down--just when my bladder is the best it has been in years! Plus I really don't want to talk to anybody b/c I am tired of being the sick one--I want to be the normal (or as close as I will ever get) one! I am so afraid he will call and say he has no idea what it is--maybe that is the years of trying to get IC diagnosed! Thanks for listening and I hope all is well with you. Hugs-Malone


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        Aw, so glad the new uro is nice. I was lucky and my uro is nice and he's the only one I've ever seen. I have heard horror stories here, though, and know we don't always get so lucky right from the start.

        I hope you find out something from the testing that will help your pain.

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          I hope your Dr comes up with something that is easily treated and then you feel allll better. That does happen sometimes. Do all your pain treatment coping strategies. I know when your in pain it's hard to get up and do something--so much easier to just lay there. My husband was kinda telling me the same thing the other day. Take care~angie


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            I hope he is able to find out what the problem is and get you to feeling better very soon. I am thrilled you got lucky with a great uro. That is awesome! Big hugs!

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              What did the CT scan end up showing?

              A couple of years ago I had a severe kidney infection, and my CT scan showed a nephronia (not quite an abcess, but a concentrated area of infection). I had suddenly spiked a fever of 103 and had the worst pain I've ever had in my life. I kept the fever up for almost a week, and was on antibiotics for a MONTH! I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy (well, maybe....jk). I hope you get an answer and get better fast! Good luck!
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