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Tramadol/Ultram night sweats?

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  • Tramadol/Ultram night sweats?

    Anybody get them w/ this drug?

    I'm trying to figure out if this is the Tramadol or I'm starting menopause but Im getting terrible multiple night sweats that wake me up every night just this past week although I've been on it for close to 2 months I think. Also, during the day I've had some strange sweating. I have read that Tramadol (called Ultram in the US) can cause sweating but I don't know if they mean night sweats.

    Because it acts somewhat like an SSRI I imagine it can make hormonal disturbances causing night sweats, but don't know for sure.

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    night sweats

    I have been getting night sweats since I started the Ultram last month too, almost as bad as I did when I was on the Fentynal patch. I guess it is one of "those" side effects that we just have to put up with.


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      It's rough when it disturbs your sleep isn't it Baileyrose.

      I called a consumer pharmacist information line today and asked about it and yes, it's definitely the tramadol. You'd think they'd be decent enough to put that in the side effect profile so people would at least know what is happening to them.

      The thing that is so great about the drug though is that it helps w/ depression. Codeine made me seriously depressed so I have no idea if the other opiods will do the same. I think Tramadol is unique that way.


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        Tramadol question

        I have been taking tramadol for several months but only as needed and if I hurt real bad. How do you guys take it? Do you wait until you are hurting pretty bad or take it for mild symptoms too? The reason I ask is I was having mild symptoms. A few days later I was in alot of pain so I started taking it. The pain got so bad the tramadol didn't start to work until I took it for a few days. Should I have started it at the beginning? I just hate to continue taking meds if I don't have to. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

        Thanks bunches
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          Robin, it takes less medication to control pain if you take it when the pain starts. If you wait until you can't stand the pain, it can not only take more meds to get it under control, it can sometimes take many hours or even days.

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            Totally agree w/ Donna, Robin. I was the same as you, in fact I still have a hard time getting myself to take it at the beginning of pain but it's the way pain works.