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Anyone else taken tylenol 3 for pain?

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  • Anyone else taken tylenol 3 for pain?

    I was just wondering if any of you have ever taken Tylenol #3 for pain, and if so did it help?
    A couple weeks ago I took 1 norrco pill, and OMG the worst drue ever!! It made me soooo sick to my stomach. It helped my bladder pain, but No way would I even go through that again. It also made it hard for me to pee.
    I have a few tylenol 3 pills here, and was thinking about taking a quater of a pill when my pain gets to bad, but am nervous after what happened with the norrco making me so sick.
    Also, I worry about the constipation issues since I already get constipated easily, and I cant eat a ton of fiber as I have tummy issues as well, and am also on a gluten free diet. Fruit is also a big IC no-no, so what else can I use to prevent constipation when taking these meds?

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    I can't say about Tylenol 3, I take hydrocodone and it will make me feel hungry, which is good, I lost alot of weight due to hyperthrodism and still trying to gain some back. For constipation my dr. suggested stool softners. You might want to ask your dr's opinion. I usually have to take them at least 3 times a week, I also have IBS with constipation and since Zelnorm was recalled I rely on these. Hopefully you will get some more responses.


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      I was allergic to codiene, made me sick too. I don't really know what I can take for pain, most narcotics make me itch...

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        I got by very well with Tylenol 3 as my main pain med for the past couple years. The first couple times I took it, it made me a little dizzy, but after that it was great for my pain relief, I am able to work and drive, function normally while taking it. I recently was Rxd lortab 7.5 (vicodin), which I think is the same as Norco? It didn't do much for me except make me itchy (the first few doses) and moody. I much prefer Tylenol 3, even though it's not supposed to be as strong as Norco and Lortab. Not only did it take my pain away, it did seem to improve my mood, too. That's just me, though, I think I might be sentimentally attached to it because it was the first thing I was given for IC pain relief and it worked!


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          Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it. Hope you all are feeling well today.


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            It worked really well for me for the pain. However it did make me constipated. My uro suggester stool softeners. I decided I didnt want to take it anymore. Now I take Ultram.

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              I have never heard of Norco, but if it is a form of codiene then you shouldn't take anymore codiene. My husband gets horribly sick to his stomach everytime he takes codiene products. As far as the itching goes....that isn't necessarily an allergic reaction. Depending on how much you are taking it sort of desensitizes the nerves making it feel like you are itching when really it is just an overall numbness and scratching feels good. You just have to be careful, because a little itching is normal for a lot of people, but if it is too much it could be an allergy. I will say that I have had some of the strongest pain meds available not touch the pain of an IC flare or Menstrual cramps before. I had a lot of problems right after gallbladder surgery and the Percocets they gave me didn't make a dent in the pain, just my ability to move around or gripe about anything;o) Also, if you didn't before always eat something even if it is only a handfull of crackers with pain meds or they can upset your stomach. I like to take them on a full stomach. As for the can eat plenty of potatoes or rice and that is a good soluble fiber. If you are tolerant you could try apples or grapes. If you do not have IBS or other bowel troubles that cause you diarrhea I would try eating as much raw vegetable matter as possible. Broccoli, Cauliflower, and celery are all really good at getting things moving. Salad dressing is up to you and your tolerances. I am very tolerante and like to eat ranch dressing, but my bowels don't cooperate so I just don't really eat salads anymore. If you are looking for more long term supplement help you might could try the Acacia fiber from Heather at I would be leary of trying the peppermint and fennel though as they can be big time bladder irritants. Also if you haven't tried it before....if you get gas from eating raw veggies, beano works great! Dried beans like pintos, great northerns are also good soluble fiber. i suggest the site. It will help a lot with your constipation issues.


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                For me it is rough with the pain meds. I took the norrco on a full stomach and still got as sick as a dog. I am not sure if the norcco has codeine in it or not. I believe the norrco is tylenol with hydrocodone. Not sure what the difference is between codeine and hydrocodone.
                As for the fiber, Well, for me rice is a binder and with my motility issues,I cannot tolerate raw vegi's at all, they are way to hard to digest. I have to really limit my fiber intake. I am also on a gluten free diet which makes it even harder. It stinks when you have so many different health issues going on at once.
                I do have prescription miralax here at home that I can take if I need to. I just hate having to take so many meds. Right now I am just dong the heperin,lidocaine, saline instills for the pain. I am suppose to try a med called nortryptyline. I have not taken it yet though. I like to only do one thing at a time in order to know what is working for me. I have the tylenol 3 here, and my nurse said I could break in quarters and take a very small amount just to see how I do with it. I am still nervous though.