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Vent: why should I have to keep paying $$?

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  • Vent: why should I have to keep paying $$?

    I posted earlier about our town not being able to get me my Morphine sublingual tablets. The problem has just only started!! grrrrrrr

    The pharmacy was paid by my insurance company in full for 180 pills. I was given 90 pills with the other 90 owing. I also paid my insurance co-pay for the full prescription.

    Today I found out that my uro wants to see me tomorrow with my pain pill bottles. The nurse said if I wanted any more pain medicine this was the only way they would do it.

    OK,,,, now for several weeks I've had an appt. scheduled for my son regarding his brain injury.
    Now.... because of the morphine "shortage" I have to drop my son's appt., pay another co-pay to see my doctor and then pay another co-pay for a new drug.
    I am screaming MAD!!!!!!

    WHY should I have to see my uro again??? WHY can't he just call something different in and have the pharmacy figure out the co-pay difference???

    This has really put me in a bind. I just don't understand why the pharmacies shortage should cost ME and my insurance company MORE $$$$$$

    Sorry... I just had to vent and the vent board is not up and running...

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    Can't you just tell you uro that you have a very important appointment for your son's injury? Maybe that will get him to just fix the situation to how you'd like it. I'm sorry I don't quite understand the whole thing, I'm pretty drugged because I finally got to my uro and he gave me some pain meds that make me sleepy. I'll re-read it later LOL. But I'm sorry for all the inconvenience you are facing, it sounds awful. cussing banghead
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      Your pharmacist is the one who dropped the ball on this one and it's him you should be screaming at. HE did NOT fill the scprits as WRITTEN cussing cussing IF you had the right amount of meds, you wouldn't need the appt with the uro and you wouldn't have to reschedule your son's appt so I know who's face I'd be in cussing cussing cussing

      Praying that this can have a quick resolution~
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