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IC PAIN, TUMMY, PLUS................

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  • IC PAIN, TUMMY, PLUS................

    Hi Guys,

    I'm going back to my gastro this afternoon. I've been sick 6 weeks with stomach problems, 4 straight weeks of diah. lost 10 lbs.!, lab results normal. I'm now constipated and still having tummy and upper torso pain. Have appt. w/ pain dr. next week. Right now I also have a migraine and I have several more of the illnesses some of us ic'ers suffer. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired and in such a huge amount of pain. This is how I've been living my life for just over a year now. I'm exhausted.

    All I need right now from you is support and encouragement. Thank you so much, Julie

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    HI Julie,
    So sorry to hear you are feeling so awful,
    and for so long.
    I am recently diagnosed, and have been sick since
    before Xmas, but it seems like forever.

    I hope you find some relief soon. Did you have intestinal problems before the IC, or since?
    I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers,


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      I hope the gastro finds something to help you feel better.

      Sending healing thoughts,
      Stay safe

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        Hi Julie, no problem giving you as much support as needed, we have all been at that point, one time or another. Hope that you can find something, that will give you relief. Please keep us posted as to how things are going for you, we all care, hugs Iris.
        Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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          Thanks so much for your hugs and replies, they really help make me feel better!!!!!

          Gastro said I had colitis, stool samples were normal but he said sometimes there could still be something. But luckily, the diareaha stopped and so did the constipation. He did prescribe zelnorm for when I'm constipated. His diagnosis Friday was IBS. My gastro problems started when I was a teen and over the last 12 years I've had several serious flares requiring hospitalization. Needless to say, I've had every test there is. I feel good about my gastro who's been w/ me 6 yrs.

          But.....I still can't bring myself to eat anything but toast, crackers, jello and drink 7-up and water. I'm nausous (sp?) and not hungry. Dr. said when I'm ready I'll eat, as long as I'm drinking. But.... as you all know this is no fun, especially added to ic. This has happenned to me before. Not eating makes me feel weaker.

          I'm nervous about seeing the pain dr. tommorrow for ic. I've been unable to work for a yr. due to ic and have not yet applied for ss benefits. It's time I do so but I'm afraid of all the hassle. I guess I just need to tak one day at a time and get going on it. What has worked for you guys?

          Thanks again for your support and hugs,


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            I'm sorry your having such a hard time. Maybe your new gastro and pain dr. will be able to help find some releif for you. My good friend has coilitis and she is on a very strict diet. She can't eat anything with lactose, red meat, fiber, no fruit and she has to cook her vegies very well. Her dr. doesn't want her eating anything that produces gas. She and I have discussed our frustrations of our food limitations. She calls it the why bother diet. Everything seems to be bad so why bother eating. I'm not serious but you do have to laugh about these things at time to keep your sanity. I've been dealing with the nausea too. It sucks because sometime all I can keep down is saltines and gatorade. Last year when I was first diag. I was afraid to drink gatorade becuase of the citric acid so I dehydrated badly since I threw up water. My dr. explained that while yes if you can avoid the drinks with acid, but if your dehydrating that becomes the most serious issue to address. My uro told me that propel sports drinks have less acid so I'm trying those next time we go to the store. I'm sorry your so sick. I understand I live with a trash can by my side.