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Ultram side-effects???

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  • Ultram side-effects???

    I was wondering if any of you that have tried Ultram have experienced side-effects from it, especially shortness of breath and coughing. It seems like since I went on it last month I've had serious shortness of breath for no real reason. I do have slight asthma and my Dr is aware of it and is doing a stress treadmill echo and a pulmonary function test in a few weeks to too rule out other problems. Wanted to know if I was the only one that has experienced this.

    Appreciate your feedback
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    you could be mildly allergic to it. Definetly not normal. I would call the doc if I were you and ask if this is a normal side effect. I have taken it before but it has been years ago. I don't really remember any side effects like that, I wouldn't have cont. to take it if it did that to me. I can handle most side effects But shortness of breath definetly isn't one I would ignore. Call your doc and see if he/she can give you something else. IF you continue to have the shortness of breath it could be you have another Health issue unrelated to the IC.
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      I took it years ago (pre IC) short term for severe headaches. It made me really dizzy and short of breath. Like getting off a roller coaster. Some pain med side effects go away with time, but if after a month you're still experiencing this then probably best to let your dr know and maybe have your pain med changed to something else. Best wishes.