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  • Male PFD/Thanks to Dianna...

    For the info about the B&O suppositories.

    Actually males DO suffer from Pelvic Floor Spasms. I take Valium to control them and it works very well. In fact, it knocks the pain down with fentanyl and Dilaudid and even MJ can't do it.

    So, male or female, if your pain isn't being controlled even though you're taking enough dope to get 1/2 of Chicago high, then I would buy Dr. Moldwin's book, show your doc the section of PFD and then ask for a Valium script. For most people, as the Dr. states, 2mg Valium bid is usually enough. I have to take 10mg Valiums/tid, but it's worth.

    Time to take it again, I see...


    Remember, once you have your diagnosis don't be shy about asking for what you need, but you have to have a case, and, if needed, back up documentation or perhaps another pain doc. I'm on my third on in almost five years.

    Eventually if you yell and scream about it enough, you will get what you need.

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    Thanks for the info. Once when I had a very bad flare from an infection NOTHING I was given was helping but they never did give me any pain killers or anything. Then after my hydro I was given percoset and it worked wonderfully for my pain. I took it even a few weeks later with a normal flare (it was painful enough to make me sit and hug my knees and then go hang out on the toilet) and within 15 minutes it was gone. It was like a miracle. So, I have since used up all of those percs and I've actually been painfree for a few months due to the hydro I think. They say it causes remission for some women. Well, when or IF the pain starts to come back I know I can maybe ask for the percs because the perydium just isn't strong enough when the flare is intense. So, again thanks. Take care.

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