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  • SandyRN
    I use flexeril every now and again when I find that my current muscle relaxers just aren't working as well as they usually do. It does seem to help my bladder spasms a bit and I never had a problem with increased retention with it....although, it's hard to tell as I do have a continuous problem with retention, but the flexeril didn't make it worse.

    As far as pain meds that can make IC worse....ibuprofen, and any of the nsaids can cause increased bladder pain in a lot of us, but I am ok taking them on occasion.

    I'm being tested for all sorts of things too, so I know how it is to sit and wonder what else is wrong with me now....good luck on finding out what rheumatoid problem you have going on.

    My list of medications is listed below...this is what works for me, but it does change every now and again depending on how I'm feeling and how my pain levels are.


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  • mamacox6977
    started a topic Pain meds

    Pain meds

    hello everyone
    I have IC for a while but recently it has gotten really bad plus I have some Rhumitoid disease that the doc's are still trying to figure out. Anyway I was wondering what pain meds seem to work the best and what pain meds has anyone been on that have really hurt your bladder. Does anyone know anything about Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine Hcl 10 mg)? It promotes urinary retention so I am alittle nervous about it? My doc said to try it for my back spasms but he is not that familiar with IC. Please let me know. Thanks all for the help


    current meds
    Hydroxizne HCL
    L-thyrixine (thyroid)
    Elmiron (when they get it in hopfully soon)