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  • I take things too personally

    I had my urodynamics study done Tuesday. This was the second visit with my new Uro. (Dr. ***). After the study was complete we talked about how my current treatment is/is not working. I am taking Flomax, Zanaflex, Elmiron, Lortab 7.5, and doing PT for pelvic floor. I haven't seen much improvement, but I expect it will take time. I told her that I was out of Lortab, she had written me for 60 on April 10th. She kind of sighed and said, "we don't do alot of pain managment here, if you need a refferal to a pain managment clinic, we can do that" She also made some comment about other ways to deal with pain.

    I wish I didn't have to take medication. I do every thing in my power to reduce my pain. It is necessary sometimes, as most of you know.

    I have read from many people on the board that Dr. *** was great at pain mgmnt. Don't get me wrong, she is hands down, the best Dr. I've ever seen. I am wondering if it has to do with where she is currently practcing medicine. (university hospital) Perhaps she has to adhere to their treatment modules.

    Like the title of this message, I take things too personally. For some reason it upsets me. I've read several threads on this board about pain clinics. Some of it sounds good, some not so good. Thoughts?

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    Punk I would be personally offend. If I am in pain give me something for it or find out what it is and fix it. Don't leave me to deal with it alone. The sigh thing is what would get to me. If they can't give you pain medicine for some reason, they should let you know up front why and not make you feel like you are personally attack for wanting something to help with the pain.

    Maybe I am just sensitive too but that is the way I am. Help me or send me to someone that can. But it does sound like your doctor is trying to get you to go to the pain clinic. I really don't know nothing about pain clinic but there are some here do. I hope they can help you with finding one.

    Take care, Trishann


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      I don't think you are being too sensitive or taking things personally. You have every right to be upset and angry. Pain meds are for people who are in pain. It's easy for your doctor to say that there are other ways to deal with pain. I've heard them all and tried them myself and they don't work. They are not the ones in pain and I don't think they understand the degree of pain that we feel with ic. Do yourself as favor and ask some more compassionate doctor for a referral to a pain clinic. No one should have to suffer if they can be helped with pain meds. I am taking two pain meds and they are only taking the edge off my pain and considering surgery. I don't know what else to do, but the thought of being denied pain meds when I am in severe pain is unacceptable and inhuman. I hope you can get in a pain clinic where you are going to have your pain somewhat controlled and managed. Pain meds only work for a while, they do not do miracles and if you take them for a few years they become ineffective and you have to keep increasing the dose because you become tolerant. Anyways I wish you all the best. You deserve pain treatment. That's what pain clinics are there for.



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        Thanks for your opinions. I found out about Dr. *** on this board, I was surprised and dissapointed she reacted that way about my pain mngmt.

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          Sometimes even the good IC docs don't get the level of pain involved! It isn't always the case for all their patients. And for those of us with PFD too, it just adds more pain! At least it does for me. My Doctor didn't understand how much pain I really am in until he saw me in horrible pain crying in the waiting room at a routine visit today. I was horrified I couldn't calm down or make the pain go away, but it ended up being a good thing, he sees how painful it is for me just to drive there and walk from the parking garage!
          I have talked to lots of people who have gotten help at pain managemnet clinics. I haven't had to go yet, but it may be in the future is the muscle relaxers don't keep helping. For you it may be worth a shot anyways!
          I hope you get some relief soon.
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          I've Tried:
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