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    Hi Guys,
    I am so used to posting here I thought I would tell you what has happened to me. It took me 10 years to find a doctor who could treat my pain. I lived in a constant flrare but with the help of oxycontin and percocet I was able to get ahead of the pain quite often except in a really huge flare. I was on these drugs for a couple of years. We recently moved out of our house to renovate and I began to feel better instantly. The short version is that we were over run with mold--black and white toxic mold! They have ripped every wall out and there is a hazmat team in there as we speak. I am so grateful to my Dr. who has gently taken me off these meds using methadone. I am down to 2 milligrams at night. I must of eaten something the other day and when the pain returned 2 days of percoset and I felt great again. It has been a long journey to get off these meds b/c to just stop them is a living hell! I never thought I would ever really get off them so please take hope for you never know what is around the corner! A good pain specialist is a must! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, Malone

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    Thats so interesting. If I was going to live in this place any longer I was planning on making them clean the ducts out as it is always dusty here, no matter how often I change the filter on the ac/heat unit, or clean the place.

    I have heard countless stories of illnesses, syndromes, etc, caused by mold, paint fumes (in my case once it flared my fibro), new carpet, new furniure and the scotch guard, etc.

    I'm so happy for you that you found some relief!! I dread coming off the oxycontin as well, but for now it gives me some sembalance of a life with hyrocodone for breakthru pain.

    I dont want to be on these things all my life either and often think of when I do stop them, or change meds, etc, how hard it will be to stop the oxycontin because I definately have a tolerance to it, even tho I've been on the same dose for about 2 years now. I have put off raising the dose, and taking more hydrocodone instead because I dont want to have a higher dose, and one day I may need to change meds and the lower the dose the easier to get off it. Of course, now I'm growing a tolerance to the hydrocodone too....its a double edged sword.

    I've heard of a lot of fibro people that take methadone FOR pain control, not just to come off the meds. Does it help your pain as well? How was it coming off the oxy?

    I'm thrilled for you, except that your house is being ripped apart, but glad that you can go back to a "clean" place and hopefully continue to feel better.



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      I have read alot of reports about mold in people's houses making them terribly sick. What kind of house do you have??? I am curious because my home is stucco------I have seen on special reports about stucco covered homes are a mold trap waiting to happen. This scared the hell out of me. Thanks for th information. Keep me posted please. Does anyone else have a stucco home???

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        There is so much being written about mold and illness. We built our own home and double insulated it and now I'm scared to death that because we did put so much insulation in, will we have a problem? When we finished our basement there was one spot of mold that showed up on drywall by a window. My husband cleaned it, went outside and did some adjusting to the siding. He said that the siding was letting water drip on to the window, there fore, the window was leaking onto the drywall where he'd cleaned the mold from. He says it's all gone now and I don't have to worry but I still do and always will.

        I would LOVE to find anything to blame my illness on. At least there would be a reason for feeling the way i do
        Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".