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How do you find a good pain clinic.

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  • ICNDonna
    Your doctor should be able to refer you to a pain specialist. I hope you can get in soon. In the meantime, I do suggest you ask your doctor for adequate pain medication until you can get to a pain center.

    Warm healing thoughts,

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  • Bea
    started a topic How do you find a good pain clinic.

    How do you find a good pain clinic.

    I have been an IC member for years, but only recently have I started posting. My IC started 10 or so years ago.. almost 11 now and was horrible I have had every treatment, and none have worked.. I then had a baby 18 mos ago, and went into remission for a year... had the frequency, but not much pain. well for the past eight mos, I feel like death.. more pain than I Have ever felt in my life...I feel like I wanna die... and I am at the point that I need to go to a pain clinic...

    I have percocet, but am afraid to take it cause I don't wanna run out.. I take 1/2 to a whole a day.. when I probably need 5 a day
    I am just embarresed to call for more...

    so I am in search of a pain clinic.. I need help so I can take care of my son.. how do you find a good one