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Reason for pain when stressed

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  • Reason for pain when stressed

    The Adrenal Glands
    • Epinephrine = adrenaline
    • Increases bld glucose
    • Stimulates release of ACTH from pituitary
    • Increases the rate and force of cardiac contractions
    Constricts bld vessels in skin, mucous membrane, kidneys
    • Dilates bld vessels in skeletal muscles, coronary arteries, pulmonary

    I think this is the reason ICers have more pain when stressed or having problems with adrenal glands.
    [SIZE="1"][SIZE="2"]Please send all private messages to [email protected]. I do not check my ICN mailbox much.
    24/7 Bladder Pain, Mild Urgency and Frequency. Always tired and fatigued. Trouble sleeping due to bladder pain and trips to bathroom.
    Alcohol(big time!), Soft drinks. Foods dont bother me.
    Current Supplements: None presently
    Conventional medications!!!!!: Nuerontin, Hydroxyzine, Elmiron, Tramadol
    Tried many other medications... will list later

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    That is a really interesting idea. I hope you get some relief from your pain.

    Complex Case: Severe IC 1999, Interstim 2001, Endometriosis 2001, End Stage Refractory IC 2002, Bladder Removal (Cystectomy) 2002, Gall Bladder Removal 2005, Infertility 2003, Urethra Removal, Bladder Reconstruction (Urethrectomy/Indiana Pouch) 2006, Celiac Disease 2007, Adhesion Disease 2007, Pudendal Nerve Entrapment, Ovarian Cysts, Vestibulitis, Vulvodynia, Total Vestibulectomy and removal of both Skene's Glands, 2007 and Coccydynia 2007. Fibromyalgia and, Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome both in my neck and knees, 2007, PNE Decompression Operation May, 2009.Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Anesthesia Awareness (to awaken during operations)Pudendal Nerve Decompression Surgery, Revrse Uterine Sling, Sept. 2011

    "One hour at a time, this was NOT my American Dream but it has to work out somehow."

    I also have some journals of my journeys, past and some present at: and

    Most of my Journaling now is currently on Facebook. These are old and my ICN Patient story is very old and outdated.


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      This is very interesting. I've often wondered about if stress brought on my IC. Thank you for the post!


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        So how is it working for you now that you are on the more naturopathic meds? Since I was just diagnosed, I'm really struggling with whether to go the traditional or naturopathic route.
        Diagnosed 6/4/07, also IBS, migraines, allergies,
        hysterectomy, previous fibroids, cysts.

        Help measures in process -- hope to start PT, etc. Main pain meds: HEAT, Tylenol, Alleve, Working on diet!

        Cold infusion of Marshmallow Root tea 2x day, Citrus free Quercetin 2x day

        I am not my illness -- it's just a facet, I aim to enjoy life and pursue my dreams! I hope it makes me a more compassionate human being.


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          Ouch, Ouch Ouch
          I can almost feel my mucous membranes contracting like they did my first year with symptoms when when an angry parent would call me (teacher) to find out why I hadn't been at work ( two diagnostic surgeries). Thanks for the pain chart, Dean.
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