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    I am fortunate that my pain doctor believes I am in pain. He gives me vicaden with many refills. I also use Pyridium and Urelle. Pyridium with a vicaden though and my pain is gone within an hour.

    I only use it when its a real flare. Sometimes I may need vicaden like 2 or 3 days in a row, but never more. I also use it for the first 2 days of my period b/c cramps flare my bladder. For the rest of the time that I get a twinge of pain or something, I use the arthritis Tylenol - its 650mg compared to 500mg and I take 2. They work really well.

    I don't know what I would do if my doctor didn't perscribe me pain meds. I would be devastated. He is well into his 70's too....he better live forever and be practicing forever if I'm going to have this dreadful disease forever

    Good luck.


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      I am newly diagnosed and so far have not received any pain meds - am leaning on my remainder of the post op meds....... I go back tomorrow and my husband has indicated that I have to ask for something.... I don't want to seem like a "drug seeker" -

      I am consistently at a pain level of 4 & and at night up to a 6 or 7 (I base this on - if I could I would be in bed with the 4 - but I can't - at night I can't do anything after working all day but go to bed with heating pad - my mom says I'm not stating my pain correctly - that it sound higher to her based on how I feel - my husband says the same).

      Do you have any suggestions how I can approach this? I really want some level of life back......

      DX IC Aug 2007 -DX PFD July 2007
      Severe Allergies since 18 months old
      Meds:Aterax 25 mg @ night (only during allergy season - now)
      Valium 2.5 to 5 mg 2x per day for PFD
      Elavil 50 mg @ night
      Bladder Instillations (at home) 3x per week -
      My recipe is: Lidocaine, Heparin and Sodium Bicarb
      Meds I could not tolerate: Elmiron and Lyrica


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        There is a pain scale in the patient handbook, but the way you are describing it sounds good to me. When I am at a 4, I say the bed is calling for me and when I am at a 7, I am in bed or in my comfy chair with my blanket and heating pad! I am still not comfortable, but I am doing the best for myself. When I reach an 8-9, there is nothing to make me comfortable.

        Check out the pain scale. It will definitely help you and the doctor will know that you have researched your pain and know what you are talking about. I honestly feel that doctors that deal with patients with IC know that you have chronic pain and will need pain meds just to function. All that is in the patient handbook as well.

        Happy thoughts for tomorrow!



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          for flares i take 10 mg of vesicare and 20 mg of ditropan. I was just in a flare for the last 2 days and I missed work. Now I am finally feeling some relief. I would find a diff. dr if he's not listening to you. I hope things simmer down for you.