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  • Gabitril

    Hi Guys hi My doctor wants me to try a new drug called GABITRIL. Has anyone tried this yet ? I was on Neurontin but it caused me to gain 40 pounds. when I went off Neurontin I lost the weight. I would hate to go through that again.

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    Hon, what is the drug used for?? I have never taken it, but I am in the same boat I was taking Effexor and my dr., took me off it after I had put on alot of weight. He put me on pamelor.
    Hope both of ours work.
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      Hi Susan, my doc compared it to Neurotin. It supposed to help with the pain.


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        I think it is the same thing as neurotin. the neurotin is helping me with my frequency and urgency and with my migrane headaches. I still have pain and flare ups. Hope you feel better soon.
        Hang in there , There is hope.
        There is hope. Prayer works.

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          I have taken it for epilepsy. Yes it would work similarly to Neurontin. Helped my epilepsy more than Neurontin did so I would say it may help the pain more than Neurontin...not sure. The thing I hated about it was taking it so often and how if I missed it or was late boy did I notice right away....not sure if it will be like that for u ...since I was treating seizures. It is quite new and if you have a doctor that knows that drug than you probably have a good doc.
          I don't think I gained wheight with it...hope this helps you.
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            Hi. Yesterday I had my first vist with a pain clinic. I also was started on Gabitril. It's similar to Neurotin but it also helps you to sleep at night. I started on a low dose last night, and I didn't fall asleep until I took Xanax. The nurse said you don't gain weight from it lmao After 2 weeks I'll go up from 2mg to 8mg. My uro never heard of it. Then again my PCP told me he wasn't sure was I.C. is. Stupid, huh? Anyway, good luck.
            M in GA