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  • 5 week Pain Journal

    Hi everyone,
    I just completed my 5 week pain diary for the pain clinic I see on Tuesday, and I am looking back over it and I am shocked. Every day I filled in all the areas, pain level, meds taken, relief, triggers, quality of life, etc. I only had 2 days where I was able to function without disability because of IC pain in the last 5 weeks. I thought I was doing alot better than that. eek Also, I have been using tylenol alot instead of narcotics and when I look at the levels of tylenol usage its over the level that is safe (liver toxidity at 4 grams per day I think), 80 % of the time. Again, I am shocked. eek It has really made me realize that when severe pain is part of this illness, then a pain doctor or program is essential. I would have continued on like this until who knows when, overdosing on tylenol, in more pain than is necessary. I am once and for all sick and tired of the pain pill defense that we all end up having to deal with, I am never, ever, going to justify my use of pain medication again to anyone.

    Huh, I feel alot better. :cool:
    Thanks for listening.
    One day at a time

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    I agree 100%!!!! Why should we have to justify to anyone but our doctors??? My doctor has always told me that taking tylenol all the time is worse for you body (liver) than anything. THat is why he prefers his patients with chronic pain to take oxycotin than hydrocodone because of the tylenol. That's a scary thought isn't it?? To think of an over the counter pain reliever that really don't even help with a headache much less severe IC pain. Why don't know why everyone get off our backs about pain meds. and focus on liver damage done by tylenol----If tylenol works for some people hey that is great but just be careful with it!!

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      People don't realize the danager there is in tylenol. My mother didn't have insurance and had a liver problem to begin with....well, the tylenol helped contribute to an early death for her so PLEASE take this drug as a very serious one that needs liver work-ups done if you are taking it on a regular basis
      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".