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MS Contin: our town can't get it!

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  • Dixiefireball
    i havent never had to take it but i have notice signs on the drugs store door that said we no longer carry o.c. the reason for this is the drugs store around here is being broke into for these drugs but iwould like to tell you a funny store that has been going around.
    a person broke into a drug store to steal this drug well instead of stealing this drug they got a pill to dry up breast milk instead.
    i forgot the name of the pill that was used to dry up the breast milk but this dumb crook i bet he or she got a big sp.

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  • SheriG

    Hi! The name of the quick acting lollipop, I believe is Actique. I have asked to try it but my doc says that since he is n't familiar with it, he wont order it I also agree with you about the drug thugs. I get no sensation of euphoria or anything else when I take my oxy. I take it cuz I need it.They need to really crack down on these abusers so that people who really need these meds to live a decent life can do so. All the best to you all.

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  • JessicainArkans
    so sad

    It is so sad that the people who are paying the price for this med shortage/ or any loss of the medication at all , are having to find other means for pain management because people think Oxycontin is a "fun" drug!
    I will tell you what I have never experienced any euphoria or fun when taking this medication, it did help with my IC but my resperations got so long and apart I though I could possibly die. It was not the drug for me.
    With that said, it is unfair that the consumer who needs this medicine is having to pay for it 's loss and even total absense in some pharmacies, (this too is happening here in little old Fort Smith, Arkansas) because of the crimes that these "fun run drug seeking weirdo's" have taken upon themselves to abuse the drug against it's well intended purpose and are dropping 4 at a time every few hours for the "high" they get.
    I will tell you what when you need those kinds of narcotics it is not because you are suffering from a slight cold, Oxycontin is seriouse business and I like you am frustrated whith the way the habitual, non problematic, symptomatic, pain free, drug thugs are doing to the pharmacutical business.
    It cas become so insane that most people are really having a hard time getting their scripts filled just because some guy likes the high of it all, gosh, reckon' he can have an IC Bladder for one week, go through the woes of trying to get the script and have to survive with out it.
    I wish eye for an eye was implemented. " You thugs abuse now, you do not get later!"
    Just my little vent!!

    Concerned ,

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  • ICNDonna
    Please call your doctor today and let him know you are unable to get your ordered medication.

    And let me know what you find out.

    Warm hugs,

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  • dandy8
    started a topic MS Contin: our town can't get it!

    MS Contin: our town can't get it!

    For some reason our whole town can't get MS Contin sublingual or the generic.

    Last week I had my Rx filled and was told they only had 1/2 my order. They said they would have the rest of it in a couple days.

    My pharmacist called today and informed me that the manufacturer is all out and they don't know when or IF they will produce more. He called all the other pharmacies in town and nobody can get it.

    What is going on with this????

    Also, what can my uro prescribe for an instant relief pain med.? I am thinking of the "lollipop" medication but I can't remember the name.

    Right now I take MS Contin 12 hour pills and use the MS Contin sublingual for instant relief for breakthrough pain.