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puedendal (sp?) pain block

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  • puedendal (sp?) pain block

    Does anyone know what this is, can anyone comment results if they've had it done?

    Thanks so much, this board is so great!

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    hi Julie,
    I don't have any idea.. wish I could help. Did you look in web md on this?
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      Don't know. I've had a Hypogastric plexus and one other nerve block but I;ve never heard of that. Did you get that name from a dr. If not I would ask your dr.


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        I had a Stellate Ganglion Nerve Block, it seemed to target the nerves that controled the pain in my bladder. It has seemed to work quite well for me and after 3 months I am still feeling pretty well, I still have bad days but nothing like I have had over the last two years of struggeling with Doctors to get me out of this horrific pain.
        An Anesthesiologist who has experience with IC will be able to tell you what you might want to know, have your Uro set you up a referal with an Anesthesiologist.
        Mine sure saved me from a lot of pain!


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          Thanks guys, I found the website. It is, let me get it to you in the am when I feel better.

          also, I can't remember how to post a new topic, help!

          The pain dr. is one who recommended and it does sound like what jessica had. today has been horrible, the worst ic ever gets. banghead cussing

          later and thanks for your replies.


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            That block you mentioned Julie, is what Debrah B just had a few weeks ago, , it did not seem to work out for her but that does not mean they would not work for you we are all so different to the response of these things!
            My Anesthesiologist was astounded at the outcome and pain relief I had after my four blocks, if I would have know how skeptical he was about helping me I would not have done it! (probably the only time in my life I will be grateful for the Doc not giving me enough information, statistical successes/ non success cases and not being sure if he could really help me).
            I had a good Doc, I was at end's rope, I was released from the pschyc ward one day before I was able to see him, I was there because of the chronic and horrible depression you get with this disease and severe anxiety attacks because I had no pain management. The doc's just did not care to prescribe the much needed meds!
            My Doctor handed me a pamplet on IC when diagnosed, there is a woman sitting in the park with an agonizing look on her face with her legs all pulled forward sitting in a fetal postion, It read
            " Interstitial Cystitis, a chronic and very painful desease of the bladder!" I could not believe he could hand me that and watch me barely survive a 3 day hospital stay when he did the Hydrodistention/Cystoscopy and send me home with no pain meds and would not get me any when I asked!
            Nonetheless I got a new Uro, he is sorely apethetic and almost as bad as the first one but I am working well with my general Doctor now.
            I waited six months to get in and see him but the wait was worth it.
            With a strict diet regimine I do really well, with exception with intamacy and the pain it causes.
            Look around here for Deborah B. she can tell you all about it, I could give you her e-mail but you would have to personally e-mail me at [email protected] , (just to protect her privacy).
            I hope this finds you feeling better, if not better atleast not any worse!
            Much concern,
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                i have had it done what they do is lay you on a table on your belly they take an ultrsound to find where to put the needles they give you a local to help you relacks (SP?) they they use the ultrosound to put the needles in the first two is to numb you up then they put the nerve blocks in.
                after this was done i felt numb down to my knees which lasted most of the day i had a little pain after not to bad and it helped me four about two weeks.
                i dont know if this is helpful or not or if this is what information you needed but i do hope i helped some.
                just remember all doctor do things diff. this came from the pain clinic doctor not my uro.
                i dont see the pain clinic anymore because of his very rude bed side manner.
                OH and another thing to remember is that all doctor do nerve blocks diff.
                sending you hugs and prayers
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