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help to sleep, is tylenol pm ok

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  • help to sleep, is tylenol pm ok

    In the past I have used tylenol pm to take the edge off and help me sleep on bad nights, has anyone had flare ups from it or is it ok to use. I have also used ambien but I don't like to take it all the time.

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    I do suggest you discuss this with your doctor if you're taking any other medications. It's never a good idea to take over the counter medications without being certain they won't interact with prescriptions. Your pharmacist may also be able to answer your questions about interactions.

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      My regular doctor says it's ok to take the tylenol pm but he doesn't really understand the ic and flare up stuff. I haven't seen my uro. in a few years because the ic just started up again.


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        I have tride that too and it didn't bother me but it also didn't work for me.
        I do hope you talk with your doctor before using this.Maybe your doctor will give you a prescription for some thing that would not interfear with all of your meds and maybe it will work better for you.
        I am now on Amitriptylin and it has realy helped me so much.It does take some time to find the right does,I found that 100mgs work best for me.
        Please don't ever take any thing with out checking with your doctor first just to be on the safe side.
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          I have taken Tylenol PM for years. All it is is benedryl with pain reliever. I don't think it would hurt to try it. Good Luck!

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            As Donna said, you always should discuss medications, over-the-counter included, whenever you are thinking of trying something new. There are so many drug interactions that you always should check.

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              I went ahead last night and used the tylenol pm last night, I realy needed a little rest. My husband said I snored really good which made him happy because it was a sign that I actually got some deep sleep. I'm still in a flare but slightly better then yesterday. I don't take any meds regularly at this time. Thanks