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  • Pain clinic appt.

    Hi. I havn't posted in awhile, but I need advice. I finally got a referral to a pain clinic, and I'm not sure what to expect.What all do they need to know, and will they treat my pain that day, or do I need to see them awhile before they prescribe? Any advice?

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    you may not wanna go by my experience, cuz it wasn't a very good one. At the first trip to the clinic, they will ask you about your curresnt health, or lack there of. They are very specific and thorough.I was seen by 2 docs when I went. They made a plan that they wanted to do a hypobaric block, but that if I were to go ahead and consented to it, I first had to have a series of appointments with their psychologist. I explained that I have already been seeing one, but they said no...had to be their doc. I found this very irritatingand decided never to go back there.Well, is gettin late, and I am soooo tired, so I wish you luck at your appointment....don't expect too much. grouphug please keep us posted, we care! kissing
    Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G


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      I think a referral to a pain clinic really helps. They're more likely to treat your pain "that day". My pain dr did and that was without a referral but they told me they usually won't.

      Mine seemed real up on IC and how it was a pain they "couldn't understand". Even gave me some literature on it, really compasionate, really understood that this disease was affecting my life so badly I didn't have any quality of life and with 5 children I HAVE to be able to function.

      I hope you have a good one. Be careful though if they try physical therapy that they know what they're doing. Alot of it can irritate the bladder. I don't do the physical therapy anymore because of it. We just try to keep me functioning with meds, as few as possible.

      Let us know how it goes! They'll take a whole history and really detailed chart of what kind of pain you're having, etc.......My doc is also a neurologist, so he gave me a very THOROUGH entire body exam and caught my myofascial pain also.

      All in all my first appointment was 2 hrs long.


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        How did your pain clnic visit go??? Did you get treated well and did they help your pain alot or a little??? That is how you will know If you have found a good one. And will they call you a script in if you are at home and out of pain meds. and having really bad flare??? I hope so!!!! Keep us posted!!

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