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I can't stand this pain!

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  • I can't stand this pain!

    I found out I do not have an infection. So, my pain must be caused from the DMSO. I pray that I can get thru this next treatment. Which is tomorrow. I also feel like I have my Yeast inf. back. Maybe that is why my pain is sooooo bad? Can you get a yeast inf. back from your own hubby? Can they carry it and give it back when you have sex? Because I had gotten rid of it a few weeks ago and now it feels like it is back. (and I never get yeast infections) In the meantime, I am taking my pain meds every 4 hours but, it is starting to not work as long and as well. grrrr! I hate this pain!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Dana,

    It's very possible for your husband to be carrying the cause of your yeast infection, and giving it back to you. This could go on back and forth and such, if you are having sex with a yeast infection. They say that sometimes hubbies have to get treated so you both don't keep swapping it.

    About the pain, I hope it lets up soon. I know what you are going through.

    Good luck,
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      ((hugs)) yes it is possible especially if he drinks... I am so sorry you have another infection.. anther thing to check out is make sure its not a bacterial vaginiosis (i spelled that wrong)
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        My suggestion would be to have your husband checked to be sure you aren't passing the yeast back and forth between you. Men don't always have symptoms and it's definitely possible. If that's the case, it should be fairly easy to resolve the issue by treating both of you.

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          i have a nasty yeast infection too right now but it is from the anti i have been taking for a uti. i beginning to think the medicine i'm using which i paid 20.00 for is makeing me feel worst then better im not sure if you are passing it back and forth between you and your husband are not but if you cant get it better call your doctor they can call you in something for that instead of making a visit to the dr office hope you feel better soon. grouphug
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            I just got one too the other day and its been years since I've had to worry about them. I took one diflucan and within a day I noticed a difference. At that time I was cathing all the time so it was very obvious when it went away. Just an idea, you might ask for a difulcan one does the trick.