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How often do you see your pain dr

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  • How often do you see your pain dr

    those who go to pain clinics how often do you go, and how long are you there..

    I have a 18 mos old that I have no one to care for during the day.. so I was curious if this was something I can bring him with
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    I make an appointment with my pain dr. when I feel that a flare is coming on or for monthly check ups after a nerve block. Then I may go for several months without needing him. I just saw him yesterday and we basically just talk. I explain my pain - where, how often, severity etc. I would think it would be o.k. to take your baby but the best thing to do is ask the nurse or receptionist. I know when I go to my uro I'm usually having an instill and it would be difficult to have a young child while getting treatment. But for pain consultations without a scheduled procedure you should be O.K. Good luck with your pain dr. Is this your first visit?

    Rachel hi


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      Thanks Rachel...

      I actually don't have anything scheduled yet. I am still in the process of trying to locate a dr in NJ who is 1 in my plan... and two has heard of IC.. so far none of them have heard of IC.. pretty sad isn't it
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        Dr. Moldwin's book is titled, "The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide." I have a copy and I think it's an excellent source of information.

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