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    To All:
    i read everyones post. what a bunch of wonderful post! it's been one of the best threads i've ever read. what an important subject. it's for certain a political one. it's too bad that it's become so political. when did doctors stop being allowed to be doctors? i recall when i would have to go to the ER and the 1st thing they did was treat my pain and make me comfortable. now, if someone goes to the ER for pain, they run every test in world and only if they can find a reason or proof of the pain will they consider giving something for pain. it seems a lot of docs have become just as afraid of addiction as many pain patients. ignorance isn't bliss. so, god bless you (again) pain_man for a wonderful post! you seem to always know just what to say. have you considered writing a guide for the IC patient? i think if you wrote it, it would be a great success. my hat's off to you! oh, and what a wonderful wife you have! everyone else: ditto w/the post you all placed as well. take care all. Lv. Kara


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      I know exactly what you mean! will this doc be educated about ic or will i have to fill 'em in? will the doc listen to me and be willing to learn what i know? i too am so tired of the battle. i wish i only had to see a doc once a year for a physical not once or more a week. i would give up all the pain meds in the world for a life free from docs and pain. this is what i don't understand about docs who treat people in pain like druggies. i mean, do they honestly think we enjoy having to live like this? don't they understand we would rather be camping, skiing, biking doing the things we love? not to mention what it would be like to take a shower w/out pain or do the laundry or dishes. right? gosh you realy hit a spot w/me. it's just that i know just how you feel. it's so frustrating that so many docs/people don't understand or get it at all. take care and hang in there! you're not alone. Lv. Kara


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        I know where some of the "YOUR AN ADDICT" comes from and how awful it can hurt

        The little beady eyed doctor in the emergency room in a small town where I lived stood in front of me one night and said "What is IC?" and I think you need to go home and take SOME TYLENOL and quit pill seeking. This was told to me one night about 11:00 P.M. the first year I was diagnosed with IC. All I could do was cry.

        The mean, cold pharmacist in the small town where the drug crime is high that throws your Oxycontin at you when you get it filled. This was done to me also.

        Once before I was diagnosed I had a lot of blood in my urine and incredible pain, I went to a doctor who came out and told me that I was "PILL SEEKING"

        Thank god I finished law school and got the hell out of the small town of Selmer, Tennessee.

        Now that I have a good urologist and a law degree I dare the bastards to try and make me feel guilty ever again because I have a disease. But at one time, I felt guilty because I was sick and needed pain meds.

        How awful!!!