I am so frustrated I could scream! I am having
trouble getting help for the pain from my uro's
office. Had my 3rd DMSO/heparin instill on Fri-
still making symptoms worse. I am in constant
pain--trying Tylenol during the day with stick
on heat pads so I can get through the work day.
When its really bad at night, and for the first
couple of nights following teh instill, I take
Urelief Plus (pyrdium plus) & either 1/2 a B&O suppository or 1 vicoden or percoset. Unfortunately, I have no vicoden left (they work the best) and my dr says they will not prescribe anything alse for the pain. I never can talk to my dr, only the nurse who does the instill. Today she is havign the phys asst call me back, as he's
the one that says no pain meds. I am rationing
the B&O & percoset (perc does nothign for me( as I am so afraid. I absolutely cannot miss any work--my partner in the office is on medical leave, and I already missed 4 days in early Jan due to the disasterous cysto/hydro.
I do not know what to do to get help with pain.
I try warm bathes, heating pad, relaxation exercises, etc.
I also posted to see if anyone knows of any drs in
WI that are experienced with IC. My clinic Baycare Uro in Green Bay, sees 5-10 IC patients
a day, but I seem to know much more about IC than they do (and I only was diagnosed in early Jan!)
Any suggestions on what I can do for pain mgt?
I am at my wits end!!!

Thanks so much,