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    I just went to my gp today to talk to her about my uro's attitude lately. She suggested that I go to another-I'm very happy about that! Anyway, she told me that she has been thinking about me and suggested that I go on Fentynl patches for the pain that I am in everyday. She knows that I am paranoid about taking pain medication and she said that she knows that I don't take pain med even when I need it (I'm paranoid about how many pills that I take a day-I allow myself to take 2-3 empracet a day, when I know that I should be taking more. I just suffer with the pain.) She said this way I will have a low dose pain med released in my body every hour. I would change the patch every three days. My gp is wonderful-very caring and she always tells me "if you had high blood pressure you would take medication-so you need to take medication for your pain." I am scared that I will become an addict. Eventhough, I have read that people with chronic pain rarely become addicted. Right now my pain is still there, but at a lower level. I had a dmso treatment last week and it helped lowering the pain level. She said when and if I need the patch, just come in and see her and it will be no problem. Has anyone else used or are using transdermal patches for pain?

    Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness!

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    My suggestion would be to listen to your doctor. You do need to get your pain under control. Once you get it controlled, it takes far less medication to keep it away. I don't need pain meds full time, but when the pain starts, I take a pain med early on --- and it only takes a little.

    Sending an encouraging hug,
    Stay safe

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      Thank you for your reply. It means a lot to me to read your words of encouragement.
      Take care-

      Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness!


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        I think the patches sound like a wonderful idea!


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          Your doctor is right; you need to control your pain! Donna is right too, it's more difficult to treat pain when you let it get out of control. Not to mention, when pain goes untreated or undertreated, permanent nerve damage can occur.
          Believe me, it has happened to me...
          I was on the patches for almost two years. I remember when I started them how free I was from the pain. Make sure you follow the directions carefully when changing your patches, since the medication is very strong.
          I think you will be very pleased with the results.
          God bless you and keep you pain free,


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            Hi Alana,

            Could I please have more info on those patches? Is it a narcotic?

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              I am interested in the patches as well. I need something for the daily pain I am in. I was thinking of going to a pain clinic.


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                My doctor is mailing me a triplicate for the Duragesic patch tomorrow and I will be trying it! I have heard good things about it. I think it's a real good idea to treat pain. If you don't, there can be a lot of consequences, both physical and psychological. It really wears you down.

                I used to not think I could take pain meds because I always had adverse effects to most meds. I slowly got used to taking Vicodin and have no problems with side effects, but it took a long time to do this due to my resistance to taking them. At any rate, they only help a little bit now and it is time to try the next thing.

                Good luck to you!