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argh, Im so sleepy but I hurt.

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    Hi me too, I too was so tired and hurt to bad to sleep, still have them days because of fibro and myofascial pain I take 10 mg of ambien it really helps
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      kul, I did get some sleep this morning thankfully, but not without consenquences.

      Woke-up on couch freezing to death, so I went to bed, even though I had like 8 pillows to elevate me, catheter still ceases to drain when my legs are level with my pelvic region. Kinda wierd, but I guess my legs need to be in a sitting style inorder for pelvic muscles to drain catheter or something. I'll talk to Doctor about that when I see him.

      Still not feeling well. I'm freezing to death due to both the cold climate and because of body temp loss. I'm wearing a very padded jacket and blanket to stay "warm", argh.

      Hopefully you all have gotten better sleep than me lately. Can't wait till Tuesday, bah.


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        grouphug grouphug grouphug sorry, that's all that is left that I can think of to offer frown
        Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G


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          Sorry you are having such a bad time, when I get cold (which is most of the time) it seems to really make the pain magnified... I know you are probably already using a heating pad, when I am really freezing and hurting I use mine and cover up with my fleece blanket, and it helps so much. Or, since I can no longer take a tub bath, I will get in the hot shower and just stand there for a while, not sure what you can do with a cath, tho...? I never go to sleep with the heating pad on, as we all know is a no-no...If my husband is home, he will rub my lower back and even lets me put my cold feet on him as he always seems to be warm...I do hope you get some relief soon. Are you cathed all the time, or is this just for now if you don't mind me asking? Please let us know what you find out from the Dr.
          Warm thoughts and prayers to you,
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          DX: IC-2003, Systemic Lupus w/secondary Sjogren's-2009, Total Hysterectomy with BSO-2005, IBS-forever it seems, Renal Tubular Acidosis, Vitamin D deficiency-2008, Vulvar Vestibulitis-2002, Pudendal Neuralgia-2008
          I also try and manage depression/anxiety, Migraines, Too many kidney stones to count-starting in 1991 to the present
          I had my 1st urethral surgery at age 4, have had urethral syndrome from then on.
          Failed treatments: Elmiron both instilled and oral caused severe increase in liver enzymes
          Elavil and Ditropan-severe bladder retention
          Currently on pain mgmt, lidocaine gel topically also gives some relief after initial 2-4 min burning when applied.
          Prior treatment included pelvic floor therapy and TENS unit, both of which I still do as needed.


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            I have an indwelling catheter so it stays in continuously and I get it changed once a month.

            Ever since ER visit, bladder pain is constant and also I can't lay down or sit in certain positions otherwise catheter stops draining, I do not know why, but I will consult my Doctor about that, because I miss my bed. Also I've not been able to drink as much because the more I drink, the stronger the pressure pains are, so meh.

            Hopefully he can do something, I dunno. Lately I've been wearing a heavy jacket constantly, using a heating pad, and a fleece blanket too, but amazing I'm still freezing. I took my temp at many different times, and my temp only registers about 99Faren. So, I dunno.