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  • injections

    last week I saw my uro and he sent me to pain specialist and thought he may give me injections or pain blocks. Do any of you know what he was refering to? I asked pain dr. today, (who is also anestheseologist) He said he could do nerve block through spinal canal, like an epidural. Has anyone had this done and if so, what were the results? dr. said results good for burning and frequency. my main complaint is sharp stabbing pelvic pain. I've accepted the burning and the frequency which is down to about 20x day.

    Thanks for any help, love to you all. kissing

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    I had an epidural for pain,, I got a great high and that was the extent of it, the pain returned. I do go in for cortozine shot for my upper legs and hips and it helps some of the pelvic pain and all my tail bone pain.. I hope this is of some help, goig to schedule another appt "sson"" typos soor vicodin kickingin,, I have sacalittis and when that all gets inflamed it affects pelvic, tail bone and hips...
    hope this helps
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