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  • B & O suppositories

    Does anyone know what these are, and if they would be a good idea to use in conjunction with painful procedures, such as DMSO instillations? Thanks, Diana.

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    The B stands for belladonna and the O is for opium. They can be very effective pain relievers. If you use them after a DMSO treatment, you'll want to be sure to have someone who can drive you home --- or wait until you get home to use.

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      Thanks, Donna! Do you think they would be appropriate for use for more than just the instillation, in other words, until the flare caused by the treatment is over? In my case, it has taken a week. Thanks, Diana.

      P.S. Do you know what the belladonna does?


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        I have been using B&O suppositories for the past 2 years. I use them to deal with bladder spasm pain. For me they work better than morphine, duragesic (pain patch)if the pain is spasms in the bladder. Not only do they help with the pain the belladonna helps stop the spasms. I take them everyday and like other pain medications after beginning them each of us needs to see if we are still alert enough to drive etc... for me B&O are what have enabled me to continue working. Before I started using them I had given notcie at work. Once I started them they gave me so much relief that 2 years later I am still working and doing well as long as I continue using them when I have bladder spasms.
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          i have heard of the b and o and i have heard they have helped alot of people i have not personal tried them but have heard good things about them
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          5 Leviquin 500mg self start as needed.
          6. Klonopin 1 or 2 daily as needed.
          7. Prosed/DS as 1 every 6hrs as needed.

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            Hi there! My pain Dr. prescribed B & O supp. for me after my Cystocsopy & it helped alot. I was scared to take them @ first because they are Opium. I was in a lot of pain down there & it helped almost instantly. I used 1/4 @ a time. They are pretty big. It stops the spasms. It really really helped me.


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              Thanks for all the comments! I was not aware that they were used for anything other than associated with procedures. I will talk to my doctor tomorrow about them. My main problem is pain, not so much spasm, although I often wonder if my bladder is not in a permanent state of contraction and I'm not even aware of it.

              Anyone else have experience with B & O suppositories?



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                Sounds like the b&o suppositories are working great for all of you. Maybe I will talk to my doctor about writing me a prescribtion to use in between my pain meds. when I having a bad day. Do any of you use them that way?

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                  I guess I am dumb I have them & never tought to use them when I am having bad pain. I used them w/ my pain meds after my Cysto so I would imagine that you could. I think I will try em again drrrr toilet I've been wantingto use that one hee hee.


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                    They have let me hold on to the little bit of sanity I have left I've been on them for about 2 1/2 years now. I do suffer from retention so I do have to be careful. I've had to cath for the last 9 years with my IC so for me, getting that urine that settles in my bladder out isn't a major problem. Best bet is to talk to your dr. If he/she does let you try them, watch yourself very closely.

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                      I have some experience with B&O-before I was diagnosed, (my PCPsuspected IC and referred me to a uro. but my appt wasn't until Jan5)--I ended up in the emergency room on Xmas day cuz I could no longer tolerate the pain (my pcp prescribed prydium,which wasn't helping). The emerg. dr prescribed B&O, which I would only get at the hospital pharmacy (Walgreens and others do not carry them and said it would take aweek to get them in). Since it was Xmas day, they allowed me to fill my presc. from the inpatient pharmacy. They worked great to calm down the spasms and help me sleep.

                      After my cysto/hydro on Jan 7, I ended up in the hospital overnight, and they gave me B&O every 6 hours. MY uro. also prescribed 12 for use at home, instructing me to use 1/2 during severe flareups. I did use one last night,which helped (had my first DMSO/heparin instill on Fri). Just one time I put one in after my cysto and it burned really bad. Otherwise, I have found them very helpful.

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                        Didn't work for me. I had hydrodistentin six months ago and the pain was unbearable. My uro actually gave me one during surgery but when I woke up I was screaming in pain. It staid that way for days. The suppository did nothing for me. I still have some in the frig. Maybe the strength wasn't strong enough. My doctor was surprise. But it's worth trying, if it helps you!