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Has anyone tried the HYPOGASTRIC PLEXUS block?

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  • Has anyone tried the HYPOGASTRIC PLEXUS block?

    I am considering having this done. I've read a number of articles on this as a viable treatment for IC and how it helps to reduce pain medication.
    If anyone has had this treatment, please let me know if it helped, side effects, or anything else than might help me go forward with the procedure.
    The literature on it really sounds promising.....

    Lots of love,

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    What I had was a series of 4 hypoplexes nerve blocks (Spinal Stellate Ganglion Nerve Blocks).
    I had the series in November and they made a huge difference in my pain control, the procedure took about 20 minutes , it was outpatient surgery. They insert a catheter into the spinal area and try in alleviating the pain by attacking the nerves that "turn the pain on" so to say, it helped but as of now they seem to be wareing off, I still am benifitting from them but the Anesthesiologist has no guarantee how long and if they will work at all, my Doc was quite surprised by my instant alleviation of pain that if I would have known of his skeptibility of the procedure I probably would not have done it, but it turned out fine. Each block cost me about $1,300.00 each pretty costly but I do think it was worth it, I will be paying on them until the day I die!
    Find a good Anesthesiologist/Pain Management Doc who has worked with IC patients with the hypoplexes block.
    Good luck and keep me informed of your choices, I would love to hear that they worked for you!
    Much love,
    Jessica Day
    [email protected]


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      thanks for the responses.....I'm very apprehensive but have the procedure scheduled for march. I believe I'm having a neurosurgeon perform the procedure, but I'm just so afraid of the risks......I wish someone could relieve some of this for me. I've tried to find articles or people who have had this done, but I can't find too much.
      Jessica, I'm glad to hear it was effective for you. I'll let you know how it goes....
      pray for me..
      God Bless you,


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        I had it doen about 3 1/2 years ago & it was awfull! I was half awake/asleep when they did it & it was very painfull. I did not get any relief from it. But that is just me & nothing seem sto work for me. Good luck!


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          grouphug grouphug
          Sue C.~
          [email protected]


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            I'm sorry to hear that you went through that without being knocked out, but , at least I know I will be knocked out. I did get to talk to another person who said she gained about 3 mos. worth of relief from the procedure.
            What are you doing now for your pain?
            Thanks for the hugs, Sue :-)
            I'm always in pain too, but sometimes it flares more than others and now is one of those times. I've had much success with oxycontin and oxy ir. It seems to have the least amount of side effects, and I've tried the gambit...
            God Bless,


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              Well lets see yesterday I just had a sacrial nerve block done not sure if that is the same thing???? Anyone know? I think it is or at least very similar.
              I have done alot of reasearch myself on these blocks and I am very hopefull that it may help me! I think I will have a series of 3 blocks over a months time or so.
              If you are going to have this procedure done DONT let them tell you that you will be relaxed but not sleeping! That is pure torture!!!
              You need to be OUT during this procedure for sure.
              I have been fighting with horrible reacurring UTI's so my bladder is not happy needless to say! Other than my back side being sore today I feel ok. I hope and pray that it will help my bladder to relax a bit more.
              I wish any of you the best and hope that if you do have these blocks done you remember that our bodies are all different and what might work for one may or may not work for another.
              All my hopes and prays go out to you all.
              If there is anyone that would like to talk more about these you are welcome to private message me.



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                Hi,I had 6 blocks done, their all basically the same nerve root block, over aperiod of 8 weeks. I started noticing swelling in th face and a hugh weight gain. Also,I had a fungal infection in my mouyh and my vagina. My blood sugar jumped to 300mg/dl. i asked the pain management doc how much steriod he was using and that all these effects were from the steriods. He said he was not using enough to cause these effects, I must be hypersensative. He wrote a script for diflucan and they magically dissapeared. Be careful look for signs, I have done alot of research and a series of blocks can be very helpful for burning nerve pain.


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                  I have had the hypogastric plexus nerve block 2x and another nerve block for the area right above the pelvic region (I'm not sure what that one is called) The first time I had it done I had relief from the time I woke up. The second and third blocks were just a month ago and they didn't help for more than a day. The procedure itself was very easy all three times. I was knocked out completely for 20 min. and woke up then was sent home about 20 min. later. I bruised a little on my back the first time but it didn't hurt at all. The second and third time it didn't bruise. The hypogastric plexus block covers the whole pelvic region and yes is the sacral nerve area. I think that some people have had really good luck with it while others haven't but I would certainly do it again if I had to do it over because it was at least worth the try. And for me it wasn't painful. I went back to work the next day. Good luck and make sure they put you all the way out if they do it. It sounds like others who weren't out had a really bad experience.


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                    Hi, I am having the blocks done this week, i have had two of three. the test block about three weeks ago went great had immediante relief of pelvic pain and it held till I got emotioanlly distressed when hubby decided to up and leave me, because he can no deal woth this Ic thing! Anyway The trial on went perfect! Number 1 in the 3 series had some problems i woke up, I am aparently VERY difficult to put under. I have always woke up fast before but this time I woke in the middle, that was HELL, oh my God it hurts like i could never have guessed. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALL THE WAY UNDER FOR THE PROCEDURE you DO NOT want to wake up in the middle. They were able todo alittle more once I woke up but only because I asked them to try because it worked so well the first time (trial one). After it was over, they got all the way done with the left side and half way through the right, they gave me heavey duty pain meds and muscle relaxants and I went home and one hour later was as fine as could be, no pelvic pain and very little discomfort at the injection site. They did number 2 yesterday, adjusting the procedure and meds so I could stay asleep and they could work faster, went perfectly. the 3rd one is tomotorw. It is great to be able to eat anything with no buring pain! I still have a bit of burning when I pee, not sure if it is from the deviation in the diet or the meds they have me on. The only side effects (for me) are injection site tenderness and I have some diahreha the next few days (not troublesome though, considering how much pain I was in before). I have been desperate to find some pain relief, since my frequecy is controlled with atarax and diet (prelief too) and tagament. I take neurontin at night to sleep and do very well with that but can not take it during the day. the only problem I had was unresponsive pain and at 28 I did not want to go on heavey narcotics if I had other options, so my Pain managment Doc's recomended the nerve block, they are very experinced with it using to treat thier cancer patients and have used it on IC patients before although it was modified for me after I woke up during the 1st one! i will talk to anyone who wants to ask questions about it, Im, email or post! I wish you the best of luck, it is a shame you have to wait so long. Mine was done in office (they have a mini operating room in thier clinic, too cool! I think it has been worth it-do not know the actuall dollar cost yet though so, maybe I should hold off on that - Good luck and take care


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                      Thank you for these posts!! I have been trying to find out more info on this type of thing for years. Though, I'm confused.....

                      1.......are there different kinds of blocks used for IC pain? Seems like I've seen "hypo" this and "hypo" that over the years...

             I understand from some of you that these are steroid one gets a cortisone injection in a sore joint or nerve?

                      3.......any possibility that these are done where the injecting agent is a numbing agent like marcaine or lidocaine as is used in a spinal or epidural block

                      Many of us will do anything.....almost get off of long term meds.........for me, after 5 years of Atarax, Neurontin, and many trials of antidepressants for pain relief .....then finally Vicodin...which helps some, but at that dose swells me up and causes retention........At 55, I'm scared of long term brain effects of all these chemicals.

                      Seems like treating the nerves at the site would be a whole lot more healthy than pumping myself full of meds to get 2 to 3 hours a day as a "semi-normal" person.

                      Thie ONLY thing that gives me nearly complete pain relief for 1 hr a day is the marcaine the doc has me instill into my must 'shut up' the nerves for a time. If that works, why not a block, right?

                      Sorry to ramble as usual [Yikes.....those of us oldies know that Susan's pain meds cause her to "talk" too much!!]

                      Help!! Hopefully one of you who has responded here or someone reading these boards can help....Our best hope is that those here share what they've tried and how or if its helped....Many, many thanks and gentle hugs for sharing. I'm outta here.... :dogrun:
                      Positive thoughts and prayers that new treatments for IC will reach all who struggle with this disease,



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                        Hello again, just wanted to add, i know they give me some type of numbing stuff-lidocaine I guess before they start the nerve block ( I am asleep when they do it though). I am not sure if it has steriods in it or not (to be honast I do not care, I just want relief) but I know it is far more involved then an epidural because they use some sort of x-ray or ultrasound thing to see inside so they can know where to inject the "stuff" at, I also think they may use a catherder of some type to get into the spinal area, because when I woke up in the middle of the one block it felt like they were digging around in my low back (despite all the drugs). I know it is a rough procedure because I bruise after and the injection sites are very sore but so far Ihave some major relief of pelvic pain (YAHYAH, first time in nearaly 2 years). I am going in for the 3rd block in the series today (fingers crossed) and I should be feeling great mid week, next week. Hopefully I can get off or nearly off my pain meds then! Good luck to everyone who is considering this procedure ( and yes I think there are a lot of different types of blocks, used for different areas of pain), make SURE you doctor has experince with nerve blocks, even if it is mostly with cancer patients so they can adapt it as they need to for your pain. my docs have been great theey were able to re-work the procedure for me after I woke up in the middle of the first one in the 3 series (the trial went fine). Also just a thought but if you are difficult to sedate make sure you are very clear with the docs about it, waking up in the middle is not cool, it was very painful although the pain was short lived.


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                          Hey everyone, I had the third block done yesterday, it went splendely! i am great today, no pelvic/bladder pain at all. my legs went numb though so I had to use a wheel chair last night till this morning. I hurt where the injection was given and I am on muscle relaxants to help with the recovery. I talked with my doctors, I do not think they use steriods at all but I am not sure because they said that the procedure they use is patened (I think by my doctor). I can give the name to anyone who may want to contact them. They are great! they say there is a few doctors in the country that can do this procedure- it is new so I would not compare what I had done to anything done more that a year ago to anyone else. I am having great luck with it and hopefully it will get me OFF my pain meds all together (that was our goal for the procedure). Good luck to anyone undergoing any nerve blocks they can be rough but may be worth it!


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                            I am new to this site, had a few questions. Has anyone had any problems with complete vaginal numbness? I am going on 11 mos. with relief only for 2 mos. after 3 epidurals. I have been to 7 or 8 doctors over the last year and a half and only a pain management doctor feels I have anything wrong with my discs ( L-3,4,5) but has no solution for numbness. Have been to an MS doctor but it doesn't look like that is what I have. My new pain doc is suggesting trying the hypogastric plexus injection. I would like to try but am not a big fan of the whole "needle in the spine" adventure and doc isn't even sure what my diagnosis is. Can anyone offer some advice?????