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  • New pain med regimen

    Hi gals,
    I finally had the appointment with the pain doctor today where she adjusts and changes meds. I thought I was going to have them changed on the 10th, (that was my second appt) however, that was the team meeting and she doesn't change them until the one on one. Anyway, I was wondering how neurontin affects people while they are going on it, and what the full dose is usually.

    thanks, Cath
    One day at a time

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    my experience w/ neurontin which was first prescribed 5 wks. ago by my neurologist for pain. 300mg. 3x day. Last wk. I saw pain dr. for first time and he incresed up to 400mg. 4x day. he also prescribed other meds. I've been a zombie all week so I saw pain dr. again today which is a week sooner. he dropped neurontin back to 300mg.3x day and it did take awhile for me to get used to it without being sooooo tired. dr. also eliminated one of the meds and added another.

    good news... my experience on neurontin has been good, decrease in pain (lots of pain for various conditions) and it helped decrease all of it. so i say go for it. good hi angel luck grouphug angel


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      I started at 100 mg at night and got up to 200 mg twice a day, but I felt that it worsened my pain so I stopped. This is rare, but I have read of it happening to others. Fortunately, many patients are helped by Neurontin!