I have read alot of the posts that people are having the same problem as me with getting meds to manage pain. When I had the hydro/cysto and d&c in Sept. I had already been in alot of pain for many months. I started the usual regimen after confirmation of IC-Elavil, Atarax, Elmiron, Pyridium Plus when needed, hydrocodone 7.5/500 every 4-6 hours when needed(40 per month that I never asked to be refilled early), as well as 6 weeks of instillations. Well, that worked good except that I was having my period 2 or more times a month and having extreme flares with it. It got to where I felt really good the other days of the month. My gyno decided to do a lap/hysterectomy, much to my relief. I thought "Great, then things will get better". I had percocet from him the last two weeks since surgery until yesterday. I knew my bladder was what was causing the most pain now(more pain with this flare than ever). So he decided I needed to see the uro for pain meds. Gave me hydrocodone 5/500(what a joke) every 6 hours, 10 pills to last until I could get in with the uro!I was in so much pain last nite I had to take 2 every 4-5 hours just to get a couple hours sleep. Went to the uro today to have my urine cultured. My uro was at his other office so he told the nurse to call in my pain meds. Normally the script has been hydrocodone 7.5/500 1-2 every 4-6 hours as needed 40 pills for the month. Well, imagine my surprise when I got to the store(in major pain by now) and he prescribed 10 pills, same strength every 6 hours. I am still hurting, have done warm bath, heating pad, etc as usual and still have had very little relief. I have just had major surgery, am a single parent to an extremely ADHD 4 yr old and am in more pain than I have been in a long time. Now what do I do.I finally took 2 of the pills a little while ago and am hoping it will finally help. Even my mom said that was ridiculous after all the pain I have had since surgery. The first 5 days I had to take 2 percocet every 4 hours just to be able to eat or walk to the bathroom. My gyno wants the uro to prescribe the pain meds and the uro gave me enough for 2 and 1/2 days. The nurse said the culture probably won't be back till Friday either.
I even made the appointment and paid to see them and it seems like he just didn't understand. I guess the fact he wasn't even there when I thought he would see me also upset me too. I am more than willing to get the instillations again ( they really helped after the first 2), sign a pain contract, or even go to a pain clinic if needed. I have had experience without much pain now and can see what it is like to have a pretty normal day and I want that back! Any suggestions would be helpful and sorry this ended up being so long.