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  • Anger

    I'm so angry right now. I haven't felt normal in quite a while and don't really know why. I've just given up on the diet because it wasn't helping and I didn't see a point in hurting for no reason. I'm home sick (again) from work and am just so ****** that I'm feeling this bad!!! I don't know what I did to deserve this pain, but it must have been really bad.

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    I'm sorry you're feeling so bad!

    I can't say I haven't asked that old "What did I ever do to deserve this?" question off & on through the years. I know we didn't do anything. I think it's just like really lousy luck.

    Have you tried any treatments that have had at least some positive effect on your symptoms?

    "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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      So sorry Just! No one deserves it, and think almost everyone gets angry when they've had some good days, and then here it comes again. I know my hub gets really frustrated, he tries to be so good with diet and so forth, but it just keeps whacking him again and again. You are not alone, and vent all you need to here when you have the need. This is a big boat we're all on together. Jill, wife of Bob


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        You did nothing to deserve your pain. No one deserves this dreaded disease. anger is a healthy part of dealing with chronic pain. Allow yourself to experience it, we all have. Bottling it up would only make your symptoms worse. Please know there are lots of people here who feel the same way as you and we are all happy to listen. Please feel free to vent on us (or send a private message) whenever you need to. No one will understand your situation like we do. Hope your days get better and your pain gets less!