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    I will have hip surgery soon and they want to put me on morphine the first day through an IV pump, and then on oral Oxycodone or Perocet or Tramadol after that. Both the Oxycodone and Perocet say they can cause urinary retention or difficulty urinating, which is a problem for me on certain meds. In fact, all the meds the doctor talked about putting me on would be narcatics and he said that these could cause this problem. But I wanted input with peope with IC like me.

    Has anyone had any experience with this or has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know of a medication for moderate pain that will not most likely cause urinary retention or difficulty urinating? They say I cannot take Ibuprofen or Aleve because I will also be taking a blood thinner.

    I would appreciate any help on this. If you could tell me any meds for pain that have worked well for you or have not worked well for you would be great. I just need Help.

    Thank you, Sharon

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    Hi Shlar, I think I already answered this question but I will tell you that I, personally, take percocet and oxycontin almost everyday and never have any issues with retention. If you are really worried about it you should talk with your doctor about alternatives.
    Katie-46 yr old female dx'd with IC after 15 years of symptoms off and on long term antibiotic use, GERD,IBS and now IC diet, gallbladder removed, endometrial ablation w/tubes tied
    Lexapro-20 mg
    Ambien-as needed
    Percocet-7.5 up to 3 per day as needed
    Valium-10 mg x2 per day
    Phenergan-1 at night
    Prelief w/everything
    Now recovering from acute pancreatitis

    Currents treatments that help somewhat:
    Heating pad
    Hot baths
    Being VERY still while lying down with legs elevated


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      I never had issues with Vicodin, Tramadol or Percocet with urinary retention. However, the biggie for alot of us is constipation. Def. discuss with your doc.!
      Currently Taking:
      20 mg Celexa
      fentanyl patch 12.5 mcg chgd every 3 days
      morphine IR 15 MG, up to 3x daily
      Xanax 1mg as needed (not taken daily)
      900 MG Oxycarbizine (mood disorder)
      300 MG Welbutrin
      Tizanidine 4 mg up to 20 mg daily as need
      Prevacid 30 mg
      Ambien as needed

      my heating pad is my best friend, use daily on my lower back & pelvic area
      blessed to be able to receive massage & Amma , along with Avazzia therapy 3x weekly

      Been diagnosed for 10 years now, consider myself pretty well versed in this disease & would love to help out with new IC sisters or brothers, feel free to message me.


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        I had a pain pump following surgery and it didn't cause me any retention problems. The good thing is that if you do have a problem, you are in the right place to get help with it.

        Try not to worry; not everyone has retention with pain meds.

        Warm hugs,
        Stay safe

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          I've been taking hydrocodone occasionally for back pain and I have noticed it is much harder to get my stream going at times. I don't have experience with Percocet. I took tramadol briefly and don't remember it causing any retention.

          I imagine everyone's experience will be different.


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            I never had any problems with urine retention with being on pain medications and or pain pumps. Just talk to your doctor to see which one is right for you.


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              I have just started taking Tramadol and it has been a life saver. Nothing in 3 years has helped my pain. I am keeping to a very low dose because I know it is addicting. It also comes in little white pills, which is something to consider. I, as well as many others, are very sensitive to colored pills and capsules. Sometimes people might think they are flaring from the medication when it is actually the coloring of the medication. Best of luck on your surgery!


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                That's great Judy. I'm glad you finally found something to help with your pain! What a blessing I've heard of many having success with tramadol for IC pain. I couldn't continue with it because it made me extremely dizzy.